How To Become a Pregnant Model

Pregnancy is a beautiful and poignant time in any new mother’s life.  In order to capture the triumphs of pregnancy, pregnant models are used in magazines that focus on parenting and birth.  Pregnant models are also used to display maternity clothing and accessories, which has grown in popularity in the past decade.  Furthermore, pregnant models can be used on billboards as advertisements for local hospitals or prenatal care.

If you want to be a pregnant model, you will need to begin seeking out an agent early in your first trimester.  This will be the time before you begin to show, so you want to have an agent lined up as your belly begins to blossom.  You will need find an agent who works with pregnant women, so locate a reputable company that can refer an agent to you.

You will need to build a portfolio in the meantime and you want to capture all the stages and emotions of the pregnancy.  Your first set of photographs should come when the belly begins to show.  Choose to take a range of photos that display the pregnancy in various ways, such as with tender black-and-white poses or cheerful colorful pictures.

As your pregnancy progresses, your photographer will continue to take pictures.  This will help expand your portfolio, while including all stages of your pregnancy.  Bring along different outfits to try on and to widen your photographing opportunities, enter into modeling contests that are held through clothing companies.

Because modeling during pregnancy has become a popular and timeless way to capture pregnancy, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a trusted and reputable photographer that specializes in maternity photos.  If however, you find that you don’t like the first set of photographs, be sure that you find a new photographer to take the rest of your photographs with.

During the pregnancy, your agent will set up interviews with a variety of people looking to use pregnant models, such as maternity clothing designers and magazine editors.  Be prepared to answer questions about your pregnancy, as well as be in a practice shoot.  Your agent will seek out the best modeling opportunities for your career, but don’t be afraid to do some homework on your own.  If you find an opportunity that you are interested in, talk to your agent about sending in your photos and a cover letter.

As you are offered different modeling opportunities, be sure that you read through the contract.  Your agent will make sure that most things are in place, but check with your modeling agency to determine whether you will be held responsible if you cannot finish the job due to delivering the baby early or being put on bed rest.  Also be sure to discuss with the agency any restrictions you may have from your obstetrician.


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