How To Become a Private Taxi Driver

Private taxi drivers usually drive their own taxi units. To be an efficient private taxi driver, you should have a good sense of direction and good customer service skills. Customers are more likely to get your services if they feel safe with your driving skills and if you ask for a reasonable rate. They may also recommend you to their friends if you are friendly, cheerful and accommodating. In becoming a private taxi driver, you should keep in mind many considerations and requirements. Taking note of these may help you know if this job is really for you.

Here are some tips on how to become a private taxi driver:

  • Look for a dependable car. Visit car dealers in your area. You may also try looking at different car expos. Scout for a car that you can use specifically for providing taxi services. It should be in good condition and easy to maintain. The interior of the car should be desirable to customers. Take note of the gas mileage. Pick a car that has enough room for storage. Some of your future clients might need some space for baggage or groceries.
  • Get insurance. The amount that you need to pay for the private taxi insurance will depend on what state you prefer to give private taxi service. You may inquire first before you apply. Prepare the necessary documents needed and the amount of money that you have to pay to ensure a hassle-free transaction.
  • Get a taxi license. You have to secure the insurance first before you can apply for a taxi license. In applying for a taxi license, one requirement that an agency may ask from you is a proof of insurance. The taxi license that you will be getting is very much different from an operational license. Private taxi drivers should be carrying a license for the business.
  • Advertise your business. Start by printing out business cards and posters with your contact number in it. You may also tie up with agencies and other private businesses. You can contact grocery stores, travel agencies and schools to endorse your services. It may be a good source of future clients.
  • Set a reasonable service rate. Do not start your business with a high price. You need to attract clients since you are just starting. Make your price reasonable for your customer. Be sure that it can cover your expenses for the maintenance of your business such as gas and the amount that you have to pay for insurance costs.

As a private taxi driver, always think of your customer’s safety. This should be your primary concern. To be successful in this venture, attract more customers by promoting fast but safe travel. Consider the location where you want to offer your services. If you plan to establish your private taxi business in a big city, expect tight competition from large taxi companies. It may be beneficial and more profitable if you become a private taxi driver in a smaller city. Nevertheless, wherever you plan to establish your business, the best way to get more customers is through word of mouth from your satisfied clients.


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