How To Become a Professional Shopper

A personal shopper is a person whose main occupation is helping people pick out the best clothes and products for themselves. They usually work in shopping malls and clothing stores where relatively well-to-do clients walk in and buy products. It is a requirement to be a devoted follower of fashion to become a good personal shopper.

While personal shopping might not be a career option for most people, it can still be a good way of earning extra money while you're in between jobs. To be a personal shopper, here are a few things you can do to get started.

Fashion sense. You need to gobble up as much information about fashion as you can. You are being paid for your insight and opinion, and your take will not be any good unless you back it up with actual knowledge about fashion. You have to know about the current trends in the fashion world: what colors are out, what cuts are in and what the new silhouette is like are among the things that a good personal shopper has to know. If you're already a fan of fashion, these things shouldn't be that much of a problem.

Knowledge of the human body. You must know how the human body responds to clothes and how the clothes respond to the body. While knowing your fashion ABCs is good, your vocabulary might only be limited to the modelesque minority in society. Always remember that certain clothes would only look good on some people, while some choices would be totally wrong for certain body types. Again, you are being paid for your insight, so make sure that your suggestions are spot on by reading about the human form as well as theories on how to accentuate assets and hide problem areas. Knowing about how the fabrics and other material react to being draped on a body would also help you make sounder decisions.

Communication skills. Improve your communication skills. You must be an absolute people person to be a personal shopper. Being a personal shopper is like being an instant best friend to a client. You would have to give them your honest opinion with certain pieces without having to sound rude or mean. You're not Simon Cowell on American Idol, and this is probably the worst job to try and emulate him. Courses on how to carry yourself in public as well as training on customer service would be most helpful. It is a very intimate service industry, so having rapport with the client is key.

Where to look for work. Once you're sure you have all this, you may apply at a local mall or clothing store. The head of that department that deals with the personal shopper would probably take you for a test spin with another employee who would pose as a personal shopper. If you can dazzle them, you would probably get a job. You may also apply for positions in agencies that recruit personal shoppers. Having personal shoppers from outside of the store makes their opinions carry more weight, because they don't have any direct benefit from the sales that the store makes. Lastly, you can actually act as a freelance personal shopper. This might be a start of a good career in the fashion industry.

If you love shopping and you wouldn't mind helping a client buy new things, why not try this job?


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