How To Become a Professional Wardrobe Stylist

It is the job of the wardrobe stylist to dress up her clients. She must go through the closet of her client in order to decide which clothes her clients should keep, dispose and buy. She must also mix and match outfit combinations for her clients. There are times when she has to accompany her clients when they go shopping. Briefly, the job to the professional wardrobe stylist is to make sure that her clients’ clothes always look good on them. If you want to become a professional wardrobe stylist, you must be knowledgeable about fashion. You must also strive to update yourself constantly on the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Here are some of the steps that you have to take if you want to become a professional wardrobe stylist:

  • Learn about fashion. A professional wardrobe stylist should have the heads up in fashion. Therefore, what you have to do is to strive to know more about fashion. Watch fashion shows on TV. It is best to watch makeover shows that help improve people’s fashion sense. This kind of show may give you an idea on what you will possibly encounter once you start working. Another way to learn more about fashion is to read fashion magazines to see the latest trends in the fashion industry. If you want to, browse fashion websites to read articles about the famous fashion designers and their latest fashion releases. Let your love for fashion serve as your motivation as you absorb more about the trends in fashion industry.
  • Enter a fashion institute. If you want to increase your knowledge about fashion, the best way is to complete some fashion courses in a fashion institute or trade school. You will learn more about the balance of colors that may help you develop a good eye for colors. It will also help you in choosing the clothes’ style, cut and fabric that will go together.
  • Give yourself a fashion makeover. Your fashion sense will reflect the kind of work that you can do. You must therefore exert extra effort to look good. Give yourself a fashion makeover in order to display your talent in dressing up people. That way, you will become your very own walking advertisement.
  • Target new clients locally. A good way to start working as a professional wardrobe stylist is to market your skills locally in your area. Hang out in different country clubs to offer your services to female members. Offer free services to the local dress shop in your area.
  • Advertise your fashion service. Advertising your services is an effective means to get more clients. Place ads in your local newspaper to market your services as a professional wardrobe stylist. If you are tech savvy, post ads in websites that offer free ad listing. Join forums about fashion so you might be able find people who are looking for wardrobe stylists. Another option is to attend fashion shows where you can meet new people. However, you must make it a point to bring a business card with you always so that you will be able to give them to your potential clients.

A professional wardrobe stylist should always get constant updates on the changes in the fashion trends. If you use these steps as a guide, there is a big chance that you are always one step ahead of other wardrobe stylists.


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