How To Become a Receptionist

Once you enter an office, there is person who would usually ask the question ‘How may I help you?’ This is usually the company’s receptionist. The receptionist is the company employee in-charge of greeting visitors and business associates. She takes calls for the office, transfers these calls to another department if needed and sometimes even makes coffee for the company’s executives. It is a job that requires multi-tasking skills. If you think you could do these things, you must be on your way to becoming a successful receptionist.

Read on to find out more how you can compete with other candidates who equally want this job:

  • Be prepared for the duties and responsibilities of the job. The job of a receptionist requires training on certain tasks. It would be an edge to have taken business-writing lessons from an accredited academic institution or through apprenticeship from another receptionist. You can academically learn how to handle properly some calls. This would include the proper manner of how to answer a phone call, inquires, take note of messages sent through email or mail and do other important tasks assigned by management. The most common tasks that a receptionist needs to do include, answering inquiries, taking notes of messages, writing letters, emails and memos; photocopying and faxing documents, setting up appointments and fixing executives’ schedules.
  • Learn how to use office tools like Microsoft Office. Knowledge of this office software would help greatly in processing information that you need to produce. The MS Office program has electronic spreadsheets and word processors that could hasten the accomplishment of clerical tasks.
  • Be a good communicator. Your ability to communicate well with the clientele that your company works with; will make a big impression on them. As a representative of the organization, be very professional in dealing with them. Learn the art of communicating effectively by enrolling in short business or communication courses in your area. This will also allow you to have an idea of what the real business world is like. Learning the appropriate manner is communicating professionally with business associates, can be very good for your company’s business.
  • Find an industry that interests you. Research about the industries you want to work with. Look around you neighborhood, find more information online, ask around from people who work in these organizations and learn more about the industry of your choice as you move along. Once you have decided as to where you want to work, present yourself well with a good resume, listing your academic and professional credentials and be prepared when you have to go for an interview.
  • Learn how to multi-task. Big bosses are usually impressed and are more comfortable working with people they could rely on. They want to feel secured when they work and are more productive if they know that they can trust their assistants. As an office assistant, show your boss that he or she can trust you in fulfilling your duties excellently. Sometimes this may require efficient and effective ways or methods in performing the job, which you could develop over time.

A receptionist’s job could be the start of something bigger. Work on becoming good at it and you will definitely have an edge over other candidates who take important deadlines and details for granted.


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