How To Become a Rocket Scientist

Rocket launch

The phrase is actually an informal or slang term. You won't find a serious job title using this term. Nor would you find a university course program labeled Bachelor of Rocket Science. The term refers to astronautics or astronautical engineering which is a specific branch of aerospace engineering and deals particularly with designing machines that will move and operate in space. This is a highly-specialized field of study and building a profession in it will require intensive academic study and research.

  1. Do your best to gain good grades while still in high school. Becoming a rocket scientist should not only be backed up by desire and passion, but with good, solid grades as well. Getting good grades, especially while attending high school, is crucial for those who want to seriously pursue a future as a rocket scientist. mathematics and science subjects, most especially physics, have to be taken seriously as these are the foundations of the science of rocketry. Needless to say, good high school grades will pave the way to a reputable college with vast choices of aeronautics, astronautics and engineering courses.
  2. Expand your knowledge of the field by reading and researching. Read various reference books, news reports, and related digests to supplement your knowledge of the field. This way, you’re always abreast of the latest technologies and efforts in the rocket making industry. And while you are at it, read anything you can about space vehicles and aircrafts as these are greatly related to your field of interest.
  3. Decide on an engineering, astronautics or aeronautics course. You should do this prior to leaving high school. It would be best to research and get your self acquainted with the several related engineering, astronautics and aeronautics fields so as to make an informed decision of which specific bachelor course to get.
  4. Pursue a post-graduate degree in your chosen course. If you really want to make it big as a rocket scientist, then consider the option of pursuing post-graduate studies. Get a Master’s Degree and a PhD in your field of specialization if you can. Not only will a higher degree of education command a great salary, but you will greatly improve your chances of landing the prestigious and challenging position of heading a team of rocket scientists.

There are actually only a handful of countries that have a space program, or a government agency dealing with astronautics. There are also only a few private companies that deal exclusively in this branch of science. Thus the field is quite narrow and that means that competition can be very tough. One would need to be dedicated and talented to succeed as a rocket scientist.


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