How To Become a Sales Representative

A career as a sales representative is enjoyable and challenging. If you enjoy working with people and have a good work history, getting a job as a sales representative is likely a good choice for you. If you have sales experience that's definitely a plus, but a lot of positions will train you on the job. You will need to learn all about their products and procedures.

The first step to becoming a sales representative is applying for the job. Good sources for job listings are your local newspaper and online searches through Google. There are many online job search sites that allow you to post your resume and apply for jobs directly.

Make sure your resume is up to date with your current address and phone number. Start applying for jobs in retail sales, using your resume, and include as much information as you can on the application. If you apply online, you may be referred to the job advertiser's website to apply directly. You may need to sign up with the site and complete a profile in order to apply for the job. This is relatively easy and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Depending on what area of sales you want to work in, it is a good idea to become knowledgeable about the products or services of the companies you apply to. Whether it is electronics for Radio Shack or cell phones for T-Mobile, you should have an understanding of their services before you get called for an interview. Because one of the questions an interviewer will ask is if you are familiar with the company or their products. It will be to your advantage if you have done your homework in this area.

Prepare a list of practice questions that an interviewer may ask, so you can practice how to respond. You should be confident and answer the questions straight out. It is always easier to answer difficult questions if you have already practiced those answers. For instance, questions about why you left your last job can be difficult to answer if you were laid off or fired. Just come up with a straight on answer, simple and honest, so the interviewer will be satisfied and not push for a further explanation.

Be confident, smile and shake the interviewer's hand when you arrive for the interview. He or she will ask you a lot of questions about how you would handle this situation or that situation. This is a screening process to see if you're a good fit for their company, so do your very best. This is where your practicing will come in handy.

Give details about any training or experience you may have in sales, or any type of experience that can transfer. An example of this would be any experience in a retail environment as a counter clerk, or cashier, or product demonstrator.

Once you have been offered the job, they will set you up for on the job training. You'll learn all about the company and important information regarding the products and services they provide. Their training program should supply you with the needed tools to be a great sales representative.


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