How To Become a Security Guard

Security services are in demand everyday. The need for people to handle security issues is always there. The federal government, banks, malls, mansions and restaurants usually require the service of a security guard 24/7. Do you want to be one of the security guards in a local bank or nearby mall? Do you think you could handle the job and have your life at risk on certain instances? Do you want to be a security guard?

There are ways on how you could become a security guard. These tips may help you get that local security job at the local bank near your neighborhood.

  • Perform a security check. Check with a local security firm if you need a license to do the job in your state. There are states in the United States that require a license to become a security guard. However, some states do not require it. Check the local yellow pages for the phone numbers of these security firms. Make inquiries about this matter.
  • Own a license to do the job. If you need a license to do the job, ask around if the security firm would be paying for all or part of the training expenses. Security firms usually provide trainings for individuals who want to be security guards. Sometimes, the firm shoulders a percentage of the training cost. However, you must still shoulder some of the percentage. They will deduct the percentage from the applicant’s pay once they get their certification that will allow them to work.
  • Get your own costume. Ask about the uniforms. You can usually pay the uniforms on an installment basis to the security firm once you start earning.
  • Attend to the matter at hand. After asking around from different security firms, make a wise decision. Getting a security license is one of the most important things you need to land a security job. Without it, you will not get a job, especially if the employer and the state require it. Get the best deal from a local security firm and ask if you can have a weapon when you do your job. Companies pay armed guards a little bit more than unarmed guards. However, there is a bigger responsibility for you when you try to obtain a gun. The government requires a license for people to carry a firearm.
  • Look for regulars. Keep your eyes open for more regular and permanent employment. Security firms usually have job rotations. They often transfer security guards from one account to another. Try looking into jobs in the federal government. You can also look for permanent security jobs from local companies. The federal government usually pays better than any other institution, which is why it is a good thing to land a security job here. This way you would avoid the transfer from one place to another.

Like police officers, security guards serve to secure the clients and employees of the company they are servicing. However, you have to remember that they are not police officers. They had not sworn to and taken oath to risk their life to protect properties. Being a security guard means providing security to the people of the company you are servicing, which is sometimes why people hear how they often place their lives in the line of danger.


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