How To Become a Security Officer

Security officers prevent robbers from stealing from stores and supermarkets. They are also the watchful eyes of the parking lot to prevent car thieves from stealing cars. How to become one is something quite challenging and may be difficult for some.

If you really want to become a security officer, these are a few things that you could do to psyche yourself up for the job.

  • Be ready for a graveyard shift. If you are used to a daytime job, this could be a challenge for you. A company usually places security guards on a night shift. This is the time when potential criminals perpetrate their crimes. That is why a company needs security officers to be on duty on these hours. Shifting from a day job to a job in the night shift could be difficult for the first few months. Once you get used to the schedule, it would be a little easy. Sleeping patterns could be affected a lot, and expect that you would have a difficult time sleeping during daytime on the first few months.
  • Keep your body healthy and fit for the job. Being a security officer is not easy. Some security firms have height and weight requirements before they would hire you. To nail the job, exercise and work out everyday. Nourish your body with necessary food and nutrients that would keep your body strong and in good shape. Try 30-minute exercises, walk around the neighborhood or strengthen and tone your muscles in a local gym. A healthy body will keep your senses well and alert at all times.
  • Enroll yourself to a law enforcement training in your state. Try to inquire from your local government if they offer law enforcement training for citizens who want to be security officers. Security firms would definitely prefer applicants who have undergone these short courses because it saves them money for training applicants.
  • Pass the background evaluation and assessment. Employers usually run a background check on their employees. They usually check for previous criminal history. As an applicant, you will not have an exemption from these checks. If you have a criminal record that may affect your work as a security officer, it is likely that you will not get the job. With the background check, it is likely that the company would find out about it anyway, even if you try to hide it from them.
  • Write down a good resume itemizing the good points of your work and academic experiences. Highlight the accomplishments that you were able to do from previous work that you did in this field. Write down the important details that could impress the employer with your qualifications. Be sure to remember what you have written in the resume because they might come out as a topic of conversation once you undergo the interview.

If you try these tips, you just might land on the security job that you want. Like any other endeavor, you should be ready to commit to the demands of the work and provide an exemplary service to the company you are working with and get merit for your work as you move along.


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