How To Become a Security Trainer

Do you have a passion for teaching, imparting what you know and making things safe for people around you? Do you have the patience in making adult learners learn new skills and help them use these skills well in their jobs? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then becoming a security trainer could be the job for you.

To give you an overview of the job, a security trainer is a person who trains individuals who want to become security guards or security officers. To do the job of a security trainer, you need to have and do the things below.

  • One-year experience as a security officer. If you want to be a security trainer you should be prepared to start from the bottom and then work your way to becoming a trainer. An aspiring security trainer usually needs to have one-year experience as a security officer. You need prior job experience to show that you are knowledgeable and trained for the job. This experience would also allow you to share learned skills from actual experiences that may help you make your trainees understand and see the big picture of the job that they are getting into.
  • Training from the security agency you work for. Before you could become a trainer, you should have taken the training yourself. You can share what you learned from the training that you underwent to your new trainees. Complementing your training experience with actual experience will help you better in imparting knowledge to the new trainees.
  • A degree in criminal justice. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is usually required before you can get a job as a security trainer. You must learn the fundamentals of crime and justice through this field of study and would allow you to forecast events that may commonly transpire in a normal environment, using basic academic records and information. A criminal justice degree would give you an intensive and extensive knowledge that may be useful for security enforcement and public safety.
  • Security trainer certification. There are accredited agencies that could help you get a security trainer certification. These could be online certification programs or security firms. For regular security firms, trainer certification programs are available to agents who worked for them for about a year.
  • Offer your services. If you are already a certified trainer, you could apply for a job in the security firm or company you are working with. You could also offer your services as a freelance trainer and earn extra cash from your classes.

Becoming a security trainer is not easy. It may take some time before you could become one and could cost a considerable amount of money if you need to take a degree make it happen. This could be a dream that you have always wished for and is something you really want. Go for it and give it a shot. Keep the people happy with a smile on their face as you help keep the peace and harmony in the place where you work.


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