How To Become a Shuttle Driver

Driving is a very delicate kind of work. A driver should be careful whenever he or she operates a vehicle to ensure the safety of the passengers. To perfect this skill, a driver must train for it in a local driving school, learn the traffic rules, pass the driving test and get a driver’s license. These are the basic things that an ordinary driver should know before driving on the streets and freeway. If you want to be a shuttle driver, there are additional things that you need to do to get the job.

Read on and find out how you could become a professional shuttle driver:

  • Acquire a Commercial Driving License. A commercial driver’s license is usually required for shuttle drivers in some companies and some states. To get this, you need to pass a test. To brush up on your driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules, you could get in touch with a local training center that trains for commercial driving. You could also go to the nearest Department of Motor vehicles office to find out more about obtaining the license. You could also do online research about these matters. A commercial driver’s license is available for citizens who are 18 years old and above.
  • Find ads that are seeking for the services of shuttle drivers. Check out the local newspapers for ads and jobs for shuttle service drivers. You may also go online and find some of these ads on the Internet. Read the requirements that described in the job description and be prepared to complete the documents needed for you to get the job.
  • Complete the requirements that the employer wants. Before a company hires you as a shuttle driver, they would usually request you to submit a record of your driving experience. Some would do a background check on your records from the Department of Transportation to find out if you have been involved in any traffic violations. A clean record could increase your chances of employment. Be sure to pass a medical examination that would certify your ability to do the job and that you are in good health to perform the duties that it requires.
  • Use your experience to land better paying jobs. As you become more experienced as a shuttle service driver, your skills become better. If you want to have an increase in your pay, do your job well and provide exemplary service to your clientele. Regular rates for shuttle drivers are approximately between $10 to $15 dollars for each hour, and this increases over time. Sometimes there are other benefits that driver’s are entitled to apart from the hourly rates.

Keeping your passengers safe and getting to your destination safely are the major responsibilities of any driver. Whenever you drive a vehicle or when your hands are on the steering wheel, you have to remember that your life is not the only thing where you should take charge. Keep your eyes on the road, the senses awake, be alert at all times and be on the safe side.


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