How To Become a Software Tester

Before a software application is packaged in a CD or DVD installer, boxed, and shipped out for retail distribution, it must first undergo a series of testing to make sure that all the bugs are fixed and all the necessary functions that a targeted user might need are included. This pre-distribution testing process is also known as the beta phase in software development. People involved in this process are known as software testers.

  1. Know the requirements to become a software tester. While a college degree is not necessary to land a post as a software tester, it would be a big advantage. This is especially true if you have been formally schooled for any computer related courses. The most basic requirement to become a software tester is the knowledge of computers and various software applications used with it.
  2. Customize your resumé and cover letter to target software development companies. Create or update your resumé and cover letter to make sure that they are aimed at looking for software testing employment opportunities. It would be wise to include additional or special skills to boost your chances of getting selected from the many hopefuls out there. Say you're a filmmaker with a vast experience of managing independent video productions. Mentioning this in your cover letter will surely catch the prospective employer's interest especially if there is a film editing software on the queue for further testing.
  3. Hunt for software tester employment opportunities. Your best bet at finding these would be through the World Wide Web. A good starting point would be to check out career opportunities posted on the official Web sites of various software development companies. Most, if not all, of these companies prefer online application so do not hesitate to post your resumé and cover letter on their respective Web sites. Bear in mind that hiring policies vary per software company so you will need to inquire about any special consideration for application. Some software development companies require their applicants to pass a certification program to make sure that the each individual's computer skills and knowledge indeed meet their minimum requirement.
  4. Practice further while waiting for a feedback. Getting some more practice in using different software applications will be a good idea while you're waiting for a feedback on your application. Bear in mind that software development companies are always on the lookout for talented and skilled software testers. Do not be discouraged to apply for software tester posts with other companies if you get rejected after your first try.

Some software development companies use the strategy of public beta testing (PBT). They make the beta version of the application available on the Internet where anyone can download it and give it a try. The developers will then adjust the application based on the comments and suggestions of those who've tested the beta version. Although this may be a cheaper way of testing software, this method can turn out to be more tedious or less focused as not everyone has the adequate amount of experience with computer programming to make a valid test that would result in a meaningful evaluation.


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