How To Become a Sound Effects Expert

With the rise of visual effects, a lot of people overlook the importance of sound effects. Little that they know, the visual effects will not be a complete package without their proper pairing with great sound effects. Therefore, if you wish to become a sound effects expert, don't lose hope. The opportunities for a talented person like you are not decreasing at all.

The work of a sound effects expert is essential in a lot of productions. It can be as small as school plays to as big as movies. No matter which one you cater to, you need a lot of skills and talent before you can become an effective sound effects expert. Here, take a look on how you can successfully become one:

  • Create your own sound effects. Keep in mind that you cannot be an expert in this field overnight. Hence, the start of building a sound effects career must be the constant practice that you must patiently do. The Internet offers you a lot of great applications that you can use to help you create your own sound effects. Do this until such time that you have created both common and unique sound effects that can be very useful for various productions. Save them all so that you can study each one of them later in the picture. The sound effects you have worked on can also be added in your portfolio when you are about to find a job.
  • Know the business more. The sound effects industry is so big that you must know a lot of details before you can understand the whole of it. To help you know the business more, read different magazines and books pertaining to the industry. With the Internet these days, you will find more resources than what you need in an instant.
  • Enroll in a film program. Find a university where you can study any film program. However, it will be hard for you to find one that is offering sound effects major. When you cannot find one, simply talk to professors who are knowledgeable about post production film techniques. Talking to them from time to time can help you gain extra knowledge about sound effects.
  • Join a film crew. While in school, look for associations that are working on some student films. Since most of them do not have a person that is not much knowledgeable about sound effects, they will welcome you in the crew. If they are amazed by your work, you can even get their recommendations to other student organizations as well.
  • Go on several internships. It is best to engage yourself in a lot of internships while you are still in the university. Your internships in appropriate companies will definitely provide you additional knowledge about sound effects. Plus, the internships will open ways for you to find real jobs in the sound effects industry.

As a sound effects expert, you will always be the person who will be credited for the great packaging of the movie. After all, the sound effects you provide a film are the ones that bring in color and life to it.


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