How To Become a Special Needs Teacher's Aide

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Helping people with special needs is a noble goal. And what is the best way to help them is none other than educating them. However, if you are not a teacher, there is not much you can do. But, this is a given fact unless you wish to become a special needs teacher’s aide.

A special needs teacher’s aide usually works to assist the special needs teacher in the class. This is true for supervising as well as assisting students in various activities in the classroom. Your services can be needed all throughout the day or just a couple of hours each day. The fact that you will be dealing with special students makes the preparation a lot different than being just an ordinary teacher aide. Here, check out these steps on how you can land a job as a teacher aide for a special needs educator:

  • Complete high school. Most companies looking for a special needs teacher's aide requires a high school certificate. Hence, finish your high school education first so that you will come closer to the job as a teacher’s aide.
  • Gather 18 units in college. After high school, finish at least one year in college or whichever is equivalent to 18 units. Though not a lot of employers require this, it will provide you an edge over other aspiring teacher’s aide.
  • Master foreign language. Since most schools particularly in the US cater special education not only for their natives, it is a plus point to master any foreign language. This is for you to easily interact with nonnative special students. Through this, a lot of opportunities for you to be employed as special needs teacher's aide will open for you.
  • Enroll in psychology or special education classes. It will be important for a teacher aide if he understands the students he will be dealing with. Hence, prior education in psychology and other related subjects are needed for you to be qualified as a teacher’s aide. So that this process will not be much of a burden for you, consider getting subjects like this when you are completing your first year in college.
  • Apply for a job. Once you have earned all the above-mentioned requirements, proceed looking for job opportunities. To best guide you, most employers need new teacher’s aide at the start of each school year. Check out job opening advertisements and call special education schools that you know. Be ready to impress them in your interview. Keep in mind that it is easier to be hired by local special needs school. Hence, start your job search in the local level. Once you are hired for a job, perform well and you will definitely become an effective and great teacher’s aide.

Becoming a teacher’s aide is not at all a difficult path. However, you must prepare yourself for the challenges of the job because it is not a simple task. Dealing with people with special needs is a lot different than simply dealing with ordinary students. However, the satisfaction that you will feel once you help kids in this situation will make every effort and sweat worth it.


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