How To Become a Successful Lawyer

Have you ever imagined yourself defending an innocent person in court? Do you like watching shows about lawyers? Have you ever thought of becoming a lawyer? If you do,

read the following steps below. Who knows, you may become a successful lawyer.

  • Know yourself. Search yourself to determine if are truly fit for that line of work. The legal profession is a very stressful and highly competitive profession. Most lawyers work long hours all day even up to the wee hours at night or even up to the following morning doing legal research or writing legal documents. Many of them don't often go to court because they are assigned to do legal research. Lawyers also do battle in court in order to win a case. You should have that innate predisposition of being aggressive and being confrontational.
Being a lawyer is also consistently at the bottom rank of job listings in terms of job satisfaction. But if you think that you really have all that it takes to be a lawyer, no one can stop you from taking the next step.

  • Finish high school. Make sure you focus on Social Studies or Social Sciences and English subjects. You should try your best to be a good writer and participate in Journalism clubs. This will help you develop your writing skills. Participate in any school debates and debate contests. As much as possible, you should try to become a member of your school's debating team. You may also participate in mock trials.
  • Finish college and choose an appropriate major. You should major in English, History, Political Science, and other fields where you will be trained to do lots of critical thinking, analysis, and innovative writing.
  • Take the LSAT. Take the Law School Admission Test. You should prepare yourself for this. Get a high score as much as possible.
  • Apply in a reputable law school. Choose the one that produces graduates who pass the Bar Examination. Try your best to apply for the best law school that will accept you.
  • Study hard to pass all the subjects in your law proper. It takes about three years to finish this.
  • Enroll in a review class. Spending more time to study in a review class will help you to prepare yourself for the next big step.
  • Pass the Bar Examinations. This is the crucial point that you need to undergo in order to become a lawyer. You should pass the Bar Examination.
  • Participate in workshops and seminars. Participate in volunteer organizations. Participating in volunteer organizations will help you gain experiences as a lawyer.
  • Prepare a good resume. You need to highlight your experience and skills. There are many different types of lawyer positions in the public and private sector which you can choose in your law practice.

If you really put your whole heart, body and soul to become a lawyer, you will reap your rewards. You will surely become a successful lawyer that you always want to be. You should brace yourself with much needed preparation, patience and perseverance to be able to achieve your dream to become a lawyer.


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