How To Become a Texas Ranger

The profession has been part and parcel of the mythology of the ‘Old West' mostly because it was in that short interim period between the Civil War and the Reconstruction that this law enforcement group was established. The government did not originally form them though. In their early days, they were organized, salaried and armed men whose duty was to protect the hundreds of families that settled in Texas after the Mexican War of Independence. The frequent threats they handled were Native Americans and bandits. It was only in 1935 when state government was restored that the Texas Rangers officially became law enforcers as a branch of the state's Department of Public Safety.

  1. Know the tasks handled by a Texas Ranger. Texas Rangers can be considered as the front liners of the huge law enforcement body governing the state. Texas Rangers can be found in the streets enforcing the traffic rules and regulations. They are the ones who make sure that individuals wanted by the law are put into custody. Texas Rangers have a variety of tasks, but in general, their job is to protect the properties and the lives of the citizens. Rigorous training within the force is done every two years to make sure that Texas Rangers have the latest knowledge and skills in handling important tasks including criminal investigations.
  2. Check if you're eligible to apply for the post. Needless to say, you have to be an American citizen living in the state of Texas to qualify. This means that you must be holder of a valid Texas driver's license with no known criminal and administrative cases. You must already be working with the Texas Department of Public Safety holding the rank of Trooper II. You must be no younger than 20 years old and must be fit and healthy. You must have completed at least 90 hours of college schooling or served at least 3 years in the military or police to qualify. 8 years prior experience in working with an accredited law enforcement agency dealing mainly with crime investigations is a must. Bear in mind that the earlier mentioned 3 years military or police service as a replacement for college schooling will not be counted towards the 8 years past work experience requisite.
  3. Prepare and apply for the post. You simply have to go to the office of the Texas Department of Public Safety to fill out an application form. You will then be asked to come back for a scheduled entrance test. Bear in mind that the test results will be the ultimate deciding factor to be selected for the post. Make sure that you prepare for this and do your best during the test. Once you get fortunate and be chosen for a slot, you will be called in for an interview. Come in appropriate attire and make eye contact with your interviewer/s to make sure that they know you're bent on getting the post.

Much of the glamour that surrounds the Texas Ranger is due to fictional accounts and pop culture. In reality the profession is no different than a police officer with all the mundane routines as well as personal risks that goes with law enforcement.


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