How To Become a Virtual Assistant

This article might get you wondering, "What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?" "What do they do?" "How do they get paid?" "Are the rates good?" and more importantly, "How do I become a Virtual Assistant?"

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a contractual worker who does projects, assignments, and jobs for their clients at the comforts of their home. So in simpler terms, a VA is a freelancer who takes the work home.

Interesting enough? Here are a few tips on how to become-not just a VA, but a sought after Virtual Assistant.

  • Plan. Plan. Plan. Simple as it may seem, this is the very important part of becoming a VA. First, you may want to establish your going rates, what kinds of payment you will be able to accommodate and a business license. And since you will be operating your own business, you are required by law to acquire a business permit. You may want to inquire about the permit in your nearest city official since laws may vary from place to place

  • Set up your working hours. Most VA's choose to work at home so that they will be able to have more time with their family. If you do not determine how many hours you will be available and how many projects will you be able to accommodate in a given span of time, you might just end up spending more time working than your average 9-5, which would stray from your initial intention of establishing a business of your own.

  • Find the right name. One of the first things a person would remember about your business. It should be easily remembered, original and easily identifiable to the product or service you offer.

  • Polish your resume. If you're starting out, you're going to need to advertise yourself properly. Make sure you include all the necessary details that would appeal to your clientele. Such as your skills, portfolio-if necessary, other works, references. What you have to avoid here is saying too much. You want to include your fortes but not your entire life. Keep it concise but informative.

  • Build your website. You need to establish your abode in cyberspace where old clients or job placements can refer other potential clients too. This is also a place where you can showcase your skills, achievements and other important information that you cannot put on your resume. Think interactive website if you're a web designer or a voice over if you're into voice acting. You can even include testimonials from past clients in your site for reference for potential clients.

  • Establish your niche. Although your website may already contain the information you need to disseminate in cyberspace, it is still crucial for you to build a niche in your preferred industry.

  • Consider getting a certification or accreditation. There are a handful of online schools that offer this. This is NOT a must but at times will prove to be an edge among other Virtual Assistants. This part is entirely up to you if you feel confident that you may not need one, it's your call

Becoming a Virtual Assistant has its pros and cons. You are your own employer and with that you will need to become both employer and employee to become a successful Virtual Assistant.


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