How To Become a Welding Inspector

Welders at work

Becoming a welding inspector takes a little more than just being a certified welder.  You must have experience in the field and also a degree in welding technologies.  Combined together you will be able to apply for an inspector’s position.

To begin become a certified welder.  Many trade schools offer this program and the course generally lasts about a year.  During this time you will learn all about welding, welding equipment and what it takes to become certified.  You will have to be able to pass a welding certification test at the end of the course.  These certification tests vary with the different types of welding being done as well as the type of metal being fabricated.  Heavy gauge steel will use a flux core method while aluminum generally uses TIG welding.

If you wish to advance to a welding inspector position you need to become familiar with, and master, all types of welding.  Once you are a certified welder you can progress to a larger college to earn a degree in welding technologies.  During this period you will learn all the technical and structural properties associated with welding and how to become a welding inspector.

It is highly recommended that during this period you look for work as a welder out in the job market so you can gain the much needed experience that will be invaluable to your inspector career.  It will be much easier to determine if there is a problem in the welds you are inspecting if you know how the process works first hand.

There are several different positions that you can obtain as a welding inspector.  Bridge and road work inspectors are always in demand.  Government manufacturing facilities often have welding inspectors on hand to make sure that government regulations are met.  Welding test centers as well as welding schools are always hiring inspectors to work with welders to ensure safety and compliance.

Becoming a welding inspector is not a quick career.  You generally have 4 to 5 years of solid education into the field prior to any field experience.  Once you have obtained the schooling and the experience necessary you will find there is no demand shortage for this position. Anywhere that you may live will have bridges, skyscrapers, shopping malls and more.  All these types of structures need to be certified by welding inspectors throughout the building process.  Bridges need to be examined each year after they are built by these same inspectors.  It is a job that is needed everywhere and is always in demand.  Slow economic conditions do not affect this type of position. Investing some of your time into this career field is a wise choice for anyone to make.


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