How To Become an Anger Management Coach

Anger management refers to a system of psychological curative exercises and techniques used to help to reduce or tame degrees and effects of uncontrollable and excessive anger for individuals. Most countries have legalized mandatory use of anger management courses in several situations.  Deep breathing, relaxation and meditation are some of the techniques to control anger. Another concept in controlling anger towards another person is finding agreement rather than conflict. Here’s how to become an anger management coach.

The Process

  1. Professional advice to balance one’s approach to anger, control emotion and express it in a healthy manner. Some ways to anger management are being direct and not beating around the bush, using body language to indicate visibility and anger to the people concerned; focus on the issue and not bringing up unnecessary topics; keeping the conversation honorable and not abusing the other person’s basic human rights; listen carefully and patiently as anger brings in a hostility filter and often you misinterpret what is being said.
  2. A minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s degree is required for registering for the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) Certification. As there is no specific choice of subject to graduate with, look for family studies, education counseling and human services will help you get the initial qualification to become an anger management coach.
  3. The Basic Anger Management Content Program will help you with scientific information on anger and the brain and also teach to effectively help victims of anger management. Most professionals throughout United States are certified to manage this class just visiting the NAMA website.
  4. The basic certification through NAMA provides you basic qualifications required to manage educational sessions for people who are looking to manage their anger better. While some readily pick to attend these sessions, the others are mandated by the court! Four anger management classes will gain you enough experience and confidence under the supervision and guidance of an approved NAMA counselor.
  5. Register for level I certification by submitting your application form along with a copy of your CV and the application fee. Attach necessary documents along with your application to show relevant qualification and experience.
  6. As your need to grow and widen your knowledge as an anger management coach rises, register for the level II certification. This certification helps you counsel individual anger management victims as a mental health professional.
  7. Additional certification is required upon completing 5 years to supervise and guide individuals who are working towards level I or II certification; submission of supervision plans and program curriculum to the NAMA and attend two meetings where your training and teaching plans will be discussed; also submit the application for higher certification along with the application fee as required.


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