How To Become an Architectural Engineer

An architectural engineer is an individual who uses their knowledge of engineering and architecture to design new buildings and structures, or renovate existing buildings or structures.  This career path can be quite lucrative for those individuals who run or work for successful firms.  Since this career is very reliant on construction, it can be quite recessionary.  Becoming an architectural engineer requires a good amount of education, but is an excellent career path for someone skilled in math and science.  This article will give you step and hints into how to become an architectural engineer.

The first step in how to become an architectural engineer is to get your education.  You should be sure to succeed in high school, while taking as many math, science, and computer drafting courses as possible.  After high school, you will want to attend a university with a strong engineering program.  You will want to select architectural engineering as your major, and do your best to hone your engineering and architectural skills by obtaining a summer internship at an engineering firm.

After graduating you receive your bachelor’s degree, the next step in becoming an architectural engineer is getting your master’s degree in architectural engineering.  This extra degree will make you much more attractive to potential employers and greatly expand your knowledge of architectural engineering.

After completing your education, the next step in how to become an architectural engineer is to get a job.  Hopefully after you are done with school, the construction economy has improved.  Architectural engineer’s normally will obtain a position with an architectural firm, but architectural engineers are also commonly hired by large construction companies, engineering firms, and federal housing departments.  Consider you employment options carefully and determine which is the best option for yourself.

While you are working, you will want to continue to improve your architectural engineering skills by furthering your education.  Becoming an excellent architectural engineer will require you to stay on top of newest building regulations, computer technology, and new practices.  You may want to consider getting a PhD in architectural engineering, but  simply attending conferences will help improve your skill set.

After you have been working for a few years for an established firm, the next step you may want to take in how to become an architectural engineer is starting your own firm.  The typical architecture fee for a construction project, is 1% to 2% of the projects total cost.  Architectural engineers commonly earn over $100,000 per year, but architectural engineers who own their own firm can make a significant amount more.  Before starting your own company, make sure that you will have access to clients and will have the resources to ensure your business is successful.  This may require you to your own personal capital.


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