How To Become an Automobile Design Engineer

Look around you and you will find some of the best concepts in engineering housed in automobiles.  There have been countless improvements ever since Henry Ford made the first “horseless carriage” that catapulted the world into the mobile age.  For the past decades, there have been so many innovations in automobile design starting from the electronic element to the mechanical element down to the aesthetic aspect of land vehicles.  So just how do you become part of the team that makes these changes possible?  Just how do you choose the way you want to go to become an automobile design engineer? 

You can wait for your luck or you can get a degree.  Here are some career considerations you might want to think about: 

One of the best ways of becoming an automotive designer is to get a BS or a Bachelor of Science degree in Automotive Engineering Technology.  This is the surest way for you to understand and grasp the basic automobile concept.  The course includes designing and testing.  You will learn principles through laboratory work.  This course basically gives you the know-how on specific parts.  You will also get information and concepts on safety measures and other processes involved in making a car run.  The only downside of this course is that it is limited to automobiles only.  But that, in any case, is a still a good thing for the car lover.  

Another route you can choose is getting a mechanical engineering degree.  This would allow you to work not only on automobiles but on other jobs that deal with machines, as well.  Studying this course would require more from a student as this includes science subjects like chemistry, physics and mathematics.  If you decide on taking this course, you have the option to further your studies on industrial design for automobiles by going for a master’s degree in automotive engineering. This plus your credentials include work in mechanical and electrical engineering.  The advantage of getting a master’s degree is obvious right off the bat.  Knowledge in the electrical aspect can be a benefit when you are doing testing work or creating computer aided designs for automobile blueprints or automobile modeling.  Some courses include software designing.  

In these fields, some countries require licenses.  So you might have to take licensure examinations.  Other nations have professional organizations that handle these reviews.  Most of the time you need to pay a fee for exams like this, but there are areas where you can get certified at a minimal cost or for free, etc. 

Now that you know your options, be sure to take into consideration the cost of taking these courses, but keep in mind that your curriculum vitae would be very attractive to big companies when you have any of these courses under your belt. Choose your directions and your path well.  Pick a program that would suit your requirements best and let you squeeze out your talent as an automobile design engineer.  So, suit up and get yourself ready to go full throttle in your chosen field of endeavor. 


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