How To Become an Electronics Test Technician

All industries require the use of various electronic equipment. So who does the routine check up and maintenance on this electronic equipment to make sure it meets industry standards? This job is what an electronics test technician does. He will see to it that all of electronic equipment, of say, a motor manufacturing factory, is working well. So you now that you've set your mind on becoming one, then read on and find out how to become an electronics test technician and be on your way to a rewarding career.

  1. Know the initial requirements for becoming an electronics test technician. Anyone wanting to become an electronics test technician will have to be at least 18 years of age. Also, one has to have completed high school, or taken the equivalent General Education Development (GED) Test if one wants to study to become an electronics test technician. 
  2. Take up the necessary courses to become an electronics test technician. An electronics test technician's job is highly technical. Since this is the case, then taking the required courses is important. You must take any course related to electronic technology and be able to obtain at least an associate degree. You can also take up electrical or computer engineering as sufficient background in electronics is provided by these courses.
  3. Seek out schools that offer your choice of course. Not all colleges offer electronics and engineering courses. If this is the case in your locality, then your best chances of taking up a technical course would be through vocational or trade schools. You can also check out junior colleges in your area for the purpose. Not only are junior colleges cheaper than your regular college or university, but junior colleges also provide accredited courses. This way, you are sure that the units you take in  your junior college are credited if in case you decide to pursue your studies in a regular four-year college later.
  4. Select from among the many specializations in your field. Specializing in a specific field in electronics technology is a plus. Choosing a specialization will also determine the industry you will be working in later.
  5. Opt to take apprenticeship jobs to hone your skills in handling electronic equipment. You should look into taking an apprenticeship job with a seasoned electronics test technician even before you complete your course in school. This way, you gain the necessary know-how in handling different types of electronic equipment.

Of course, passing the necessary certification for your course and chosen field will be necessary to become a duly licensed electronics test technician.


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