How To Become an Embroidery Machine Repair Person

If you are interested in crafts such as sewing, quilting and embroidery, and you're also interested in mechanical and technical stuff, then why not be an embroidery machine repair person? You may look into this as a career option, and here is some information that you might find useful in helping you make your decision:

  1. Become trained. It's important that you be trained in the basics of embroidery machine repair, as well as to gain more functional knowledge of embroidery (including basic embroidery patterns and kinds and brands of embroidery thread). To gain this training, there are several options for you. Online options include visiting helpful and relevant websites such as, or Embroidery Educational Services International. You could also order CD's online that show step-by-step guides on embroidery machine repair and industrial sewing machine maintenance, such as from In this latter website you could order CDs from different embroidery machine manufacturers such as Tajima, Barudan, Melco, Happy and Ricoma (you could do a comparison among these manufacturers to help you deciding which brand to focus on). You could also download free embroidery designs, along with training for embroidery software applications, which could be used for digital designing.
  2. Get relevant employment. To further develop your embroidery machine repair skills with practical hands-on application, you could seek employment at a local embroidery company. Ask help from more experienced technicians and craftsmen for you to add to your knowledge of processes and fundamentals and then from there, enable you to develop your own techniques. It's also important to gain knowledge of embroidery machine parts and accessories such as hoops and needles.
  3. Join embroidery and machine repair associations. You could visit  to know how to contact the ETA or Embroidery Trade Association or other relevant associations such as the National Network of Embroidery Professionals. From this website, you would also have access to links to useful websites, such as business information (if you're interested in opening your own small business related to embroidery machine repair), scheduled trade fairs and useful seminars, innovations (such as embroidery techniques using computer and other technology), as well as law and trade regulations information. A major advantage to joining relevant associations is that you would be able to build a network of peers who would help you further refine your embroidery machine repair styles and would give you a heads-up on all relevant activities and events that would prove useful to your craft. You will also be able to know more informal, insider information that would definitely help you in your career track.
  4. Subscribe to embroidery newsletters and blogs. To keep you updated on different embroidery styles and machine repair techniques, you could subscribe to various embroidery newsletters and visit relevant blogs. You can establish your own embroidery library and even take advantage of freebies and discounts.

There you have it! These are just some of the pointers that you could follow if you want to establish yourself as an embroidery machine repair person. Good luck on your chosen career track!


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