How To Become an Environmentalist

There are several different career choices that one may fall into when looking for a career as an Environmentalist. You may uncover a job working for pollution control, environmental law, or in engineering, education, forestry/Fishery, or even as a journalist specializing in environmental issues. With global warming becoming a very well known term, the demand for Environmentalists is growing. But where do you start? Let's take a look at the education aspect of becoming an Environmentalist.

  1. If you find that you want a career in the environmental field, taking as many science and biology classes as you can in high school will give you a nice stepping stone for similar college level courses.
  2. Take a good look at all your college options, most colleges these days have a variety of environmental majors for you to choose from. Make sure you request information from the colleges in order to discuss options with your counselor and parents.
  3. Considering a minor in science classes and even writing is always a good idea. That way you are getting an advanced education. You never know in the future if you will, for example, be an environmental journalist. Having Environmental studies as your major and some form of writing as your minor will give you the upper hand.
  4. It's very wise that you try to get as much experience as possible while in college. Don't be afraid to take an internship or two in the field you are studying. You'll get a chance to see your future career up close and personal and get a better understanding of your education by working hands-on.

Ok, so those are the objects to follow when you are planning for your college degree, but what can you be doing right now to make a difference for the environment? There are many things you can be doing to prepare yourself to become an Environmentalist. Picking up litter, going to your local beaches and cleaning them up with friends, handing out fliers in your neighborhood about current environmental issues, recycling, riding your bike more than driving. All of these things help awaken the world around you, to create a better place for us and all other living things to live. We only get one planet, one place to call home. Start now to make a difference and save our home. Remember we are the future, so lets get started.


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