How To Become an Escort

Your first step in becoming an escort, also known as a courtesan, is a desire to do so.  You will have to have a desire to make a lot money, as well build your self esteem.  It is usually a great idea if an escort is not married, or does not have children.  An good escort can make up to $1000.00 per day, as men are able to live out their fantasies through you.  A beautiful body is very important, as well as a beautiful face.  You may do better if you have an awesome personality.
Many times college students will choose this profession to pay their way through school, or if you just want to build up a healthy savings account, you can do that also.  The schedule is great, maybe a few nights a week, rather than making less money, with three times the work hours.
You will have to decide to commit your life to this profession.  You cannot have a day job as well.  This will not work.  You will have to decide seriously whether or not you want to work for yourself, or an agency.  Working for an agency will provide you security in getting paid, as well as a body guard, should someone try to harm you in any way.  You will not be able to screen your clients, you will just have to trust your instincts on whom to work with.

You will make many girlfriends in this profession, it is important to understand that you are all on the same team and there is no competition there.    You want to advertise well, so people know how to find you.  Whether it be a billboard, or the phone book, or even fliers and business cards, good advertisement is very important.   If you do a wonderful job, you will in turn receive word of mouth advertisement.
You need to decide if you will give sexual favors.  If not, you need to make this clear up front, that way it is not expected, and also you will need to know how to defend yourself should someone try to take sex from you.  Do not be afraid that you will not get any business unless you have the sex with your clients.  Many escorts do not provide sexual favors, and they do just fine.
A lot of times, a man just needs a woman to be on his arm for a particular event, and does not want to worry about having a girlfriend that he will have to call the next day.  You will also want to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.  Always make sure you can trust your co workers, as well as your body guard.  Your life could very well be in his hands.


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