How To Become an Event Coordinator

Who is an event coordinator?

A person who manages the tasks to put together an event, starting from the idea for the event to the full execution, along with planning, scheduling and maintaining guests lists is called an event coordinator. An event coordinator works on various events such as concerts, weddings, or even industry trade shows. Although there is no particular professional or educational qualification required to start this career, this article gives you a brief on how to get going….

It is good to own a Bachelor’s degree even if you do not technically need one to succeed in this field. Most employers today look for undergraduates who can start at an entry-level position with dedication and a positive attitude. Try to choose a related major for a career in event coordination. For example, choose a major in marketing, public relations or communications if you are planning to become a corporate event coordinator. Similarly, choose a major in entertainment management if you are looking to start within the entertainment industry

Look to complete and internship that offers events such as convention center after graduation or while completing your degree.  Become a volunteer for a non-profit organization (charity) who conducts fundraising events. Job search engines or college newspapers or direct contact with an organization will help you find internships. Check with specific companies or employers on what they look for in a right candidate

Start at entry-level positions with event planning organizations. Work hard and look to get noticed for your good work within the organization by maintaining good rapport with all employees and departments. Gain hands-on experience from a senior event coordinator to better understand the game! Be confident to manage various tasks that are assigned to you accurately and on time

Upgrade your skills constantly for that potential promotion you deserve and apply to higher level jobs while you master specific type of events. Starting your own event management business will also help gain individual experience and profits

Average salaries

Job postings nationwide are 36% lower for an average special events coordinator in comparison to average salaries for all other job postings nationwide. Expected average salary for an event coordinator as of Feb 2010 is $41,000.


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