How To Become an HR Assistant

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The world of Human Resources (HR) can be a fast-paced and exciting career field.  If you have any interest in dealing with the employees of a medium or large corporation, then Human Resources might just be the place for you, and the best place to start off is as an HR assistant. 

One of the best things you can do to get a leg up on becoming a Human Resources Assistant is to have a related college degree.  Something along the lines of a business degree will generally serve you very well, but a degree in HR is ideal. Having a college degree in a related field is not necessary, mind you, but very helpful.  If you've got one, then it certainly will not hurt the hiring process!

Another fantastic way to get your foot in the door to any Human Resources department is through an internship!  Most all major corporations have year-round internship programs, and almost all of them will have will have intern positions available in their HR Department.  Getting an internship can give you hands on, real world experience in an HR Department as well as potentially opening a door for a full time position within the same company.  You never know who you will impress during your time there!  Also, it never hurts your resume to show that you have had real world experience at a reputable company.

If you are unable to get an internship due to restrictions such as being currently enrolled in college, fear not!  It is still possible to get an entry level job at the company in which you want to work.  You can always work your way up to being an HR assistant, if not jumping straight into that position!  You just need to know where you want to work.  Once you know where you want to work, find out how to apply for open positions.  Obviously, a company that isn't currently hiring in their HR department is a lot less likely to bring you on as a new employee than one that desperately needs more HR assistants.

A great way to help you land that first HR assistant job is to know someone who works for the same company.  They can give you a stellar recommendation, or even fast track you to a face to face interview!  You never know what your friends and family are capable of doing to help you advance your career until you ask!  If it turns out that you don't know anyone who works at a business where you are looking to apply, simply try asking if they know anyone who does.  The friends of your friends can be powerful allies in the professional world, and should never be counted out!  You can also give yourself an edge by continuing to advance your education while you're looking for work - those extra credits may just give you the additional skills you need to land your dream job.  Online classes in HR are perfect for sharpening your skills.

So, get out there and land that HR assistant job!


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