How To Become an Imaging Support Clerk

If you are an organized person that enjoys working in a medical office with patients, becoming an imaging support clerk may be the right career path for you.  An imaging support clerk works in an medical imaging office, which is responsible for taking images of the human body.  Some of your responsibilities will include setting up appointments, signing patients in and out of the office, and helping out with the radiology staff.

One of the benefits to being an imaging support clerk is that you can choose to do so right after high school.  This job requires that you have a high school education or equivalent, such as a GED.  Of course, having a four year degree from an accredited college or university is preferred, but not required to be an imaging support clerk.

Whether you choose to pursue this career after high school or college, be sure that you have the right courses to prepare you for becoming an imaging support clerk.  Take classes that focus on computer skills and organization techniques.  Practice your communication skills by taking speech courses which will require you to work in groups and speak in front of people.

Once you have taken the proper classes to help prepare you for becoming an imaging support clerk, you will also need experience in the work field.  To be an imaging support clerk, most positions want you to have anywhere from 6 months to 3 years of experience working in a healthcare setting.  Seek out jobs using the newspaper or Internet to see if there are openings working at medical offices.

The experience you will gain from working hands-on at hospital or doctor’s offices will be invaluable to your career path.  You will learn to work with people who are critically ill, as well as learn the ins and outs of medical insurance.  You will learn how to effectively communicate with the medical staff, as well as properly schedule appointments.

Once you have gained some of this experience, you are ready to apply for positions as an imaging support clerk.  If you work at a hospital, see if there are openings that may not have been made public.  Otherwise, use the Internet or newspaper to find medical offices that are looking for an imaging support clerk.

Also be sure to have a basic understanding of imaging equipment so that you are better able to assist the radiology staff and patients.  This will make you more desirable for the position, as the staff will not have to work as hard to train you on the basic information of imaging equipment.

Once you land a position as an imaging support clerk, keep in mind that this job entails a lot of multi-tasking.  Depending on the size and location of the imaging medical office, you may be the sole person that answers phones, files and handles the patients appointments.


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