How To Become an Iridologist

Iridology is considered alternative medicine. It is a medical practice that diagnoses illnesses from the markings on a patient's iris. There are specific areas and patterns on a person's eye that can show the status of one's health. Analyzing the markings and patterns will show the affected organs of the body and treatment or preventive measures can be given. To pursue a career in iridology you have to consider these steps.

  1. Gather information on Iridology. Gather as much information as you can on iridology from the Internet and the library. If there is an iridology clinic in your area you can ask the iridologist if you can have a few minutes of his time for you to make inquiries about the practice. Ask as many questions as you can so you can have enough information to decide if this is the field you want to get into. There are books on iridology that you can purchase either online or at bookstores.
  2. Get formal training. Locate colleges and university that offer education in iridology or get a course that is related to medicine to better understand the human anatomy. You will need a certificate if want to practice iridology. Get hands on training with the iridology equipment and familiarize yourself with the machine. If you can get extra hours using it, it will strengthen your experience with the equipment. Take several courses that relates to specific illnesses to gain familiarity with certain diseases and how they are acquired. You will be focusing mostly on the eyes and the iris in particular so you need to practice how to analyze blemishes on the iris and diagnose the problem correctly. There are specific areas on the iris that will tell you which part of the body you are having problems with and further analysis of the eyes will also show a patients history of past ailments. The diagnosis made on the patient can help prevent illnesses from progressing and warn the patient of mineral deficiencies. Iridology takes a holistic approach to treating ailments, most of the time proper nutrition is advised and herbal or alternative medicine is prescribed. You will learn nutrition and proper diet to provide proper solutions to the patient's ailments.
  3. Seek internship at an iridology clinic. You can look for an iridology clinic that has part time job openings or internship and work and assist at the clinic to have to strengthen your experience as an iridologist. You will be assisting and observing a lot at the clinic so pay very close attention to everything the iridologist does. Practice diagnosing patient's casing if the iridologist will let you or you can practice on your own and check with the iridologist if you have the right analysis.

Iridology is an old form of alternative medicine, but most traditional doctors do not believe a reliable diagnosis can be made just by looking at one's iris. A lot of people with illnesses have tried iridology and claimed to have gotten better.


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