How To Become an X-Ray Technician

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Most people are only familiar with doctors and nurses, who are at the forefront in the medical field because they are the ones who are directly interacting with patients and many other people.  Today, more and more people are taking up nursing as a profession due to the increasing need for more healthcare professionals who will need to serve the aging population in some countries. One medical profession that is slowly catching up in terms of size in the medical industry is that of x-ray technicians.

There is a need for a considerable number of x-ray technicians because the industry is growing and not many people are interested in this kind of job - mainly due to the lack of knowledge and understanding about the nature of the job. 

Before becoming a fully-fledged x-ray technician, it is important to first know the nature of the job. X-ray technicians, who are also called radiological technologists or radiographers, are the ones who are tasked to study the anatomy of the patient after they undergo a check up using the state of the art x-ray technology. The resulting x-ray images that reflect particular parts of the body are analyzed by x-ray technicians. Since sophisticated machines are part of the analytical process, radiology technicians are required to have some knowledge of computers, as is also the case for medical technicians.

Just like most professions, a Bachelor's degree from any school is required to become an x-ray technician or at least a course related to radiology programs in a specialized x-ray schools. The main requirement is to be able to pass a licensure exam that would produce a formal certification indicating that you can now meet the demands of the job. Most employers also require further hands-on training after getting licensed. Physically speaking, there is also a need for x-ray technicians to be physically strong because at times, patients, especially those that are handicapped, need to be lifted or repositioned while being scanned by an x-ray machine. Just like other jobs, it is a great requirement for x-ray technicians to know how to work under pressure since there are seasons when there are a great many patients to serve within a very short timeframe.

The career of an x-ray technician may sound demanding, however, the salary is also enticing. According to reliable sources, the pay scale of an x-ray technician averages from $48,000 to $58,000 on an annual basis. This income is enough to support a small family. Indeed, with hard work and perseverance, this career could pave the way to a family's financial stability.

Aspiring x-ray technicians have to constantly know the vision and mission of their jobs because this will help them to achieve longevity in their careers - and, naturally, keeping up-to-date with advances in the field is nearly as important as having the right education in the first place.  These days, it's easy to enroll in online continuing education or radiology degree programs.  In addition to this, it is also important to always maintain a good working relationship with other practitioners in the medical field like doctors and nurses because x-ray technicians will have to work with them day by day. X-ray technicians must be also lauded for their ongoing contributions to the health care industry. 


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