How To Become a Photographer for the NFL

If you love photography, you probably have something special that you enjoy capturing.  For many photographers, photographing sports is a rewarding experience.  Sports are not only filled with action and exquisite body form, but they are also packed with feelings of victory.

If you want to become a photographer for the National Football League (NFL), you need to first begin by getting experience photographing this sport.  It is a fast and action-packed sport, which will allow you to shoot some incredible pictures.  However, getting these pictures is the challenge.

To begin your journey of becoming a photographer for the NFL, start by photographing football games of your local peewee teams.  These games will be easier to shoot and will give you a chance to capture the best moments in a football game.  Talk to the coaches to see if you can stand on the sidelines during the game.  If you can seek out a coach that you know on a personal level, this should not be a problem.  Otherwise, stick around the end zone or bottom level of bleachers to take your photos.

At the end of the season, take your best football photos and sell them to the parents, providing the team does not already have a team-sponsored photographer.  You can offer the photos at discounted rates so that both you and the parents benefit.  Also get permission from the parents to use some of the pictures in your portfolio.

As you gain experience in taking football pictures at the peewee levels, move on to high school and college football games.  Most teams have a team-sponsored photographer, so you may only be able to take photographs for your portfolio and not for profit.  Also be sure to check with the coaches to see if you can stand on the sidelines or not.

Be sure to take pictures that capture every element of the game, as NFL photographers must be able to capture not only the important game plays, but also the emotions of winning or losing.  Once you have captured some photographs, the best way to advertise them is to feature them on your website or blog.  This is a great way to expose your work while gaining feedback.  Besides posting your football photos online, try to sell them to local newspapers or sports magazines.

To be exposed to NFL players, try landing a job with a newspaper or magazine.  Newspapers and magazines that provide team coverage are some of the first people that get sideline passes to NFL games.  If you do not work for a newspaper or magazine, see if you are able to get a pass to attend a few NFL games.  This is difficult to come by, but will give you the best chance to get photographs of NFL players.


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