How To Become a Speech Language Pathologist

People lose their ability to speak effectively for a number of reasons including strokes or accidents.  Some people are born with speech impediments.  Becoming a speech language pathologist will help these individuals speak without stuttering or slurring.  These professionals are instrumental in making a difference in people's lives.  Those who want to become speech language pathologists should implement the following instructions.

People who want to become a speech language pathologist must make sure they have patience.  Without patience, they will not be able to help patients effectively because patients may take a long time to show improvement in their speech.  Patients will feel even more frustrated if a speech language pathologist fails to take the time to encourage them.  Therefore, people who want to become speech language pathologist must take inventory of themselves to make sure they possess patience.  Along with patience, a person becoming a speech language pathologist should have strong communication and social skills.

After a person has proven to herself that she has patience, she should pursue a bachelor's degree.  She should major in a program involving communication sciences and disorders.  The future speech language pathologist student should obtain information from several schools before making a decision.  Once she enrolls in a program, she should study consistently to maintain a high grade point average.  The high grade point average will be needed to not only get into a top graduate program, but also, due to fierce job competition, may be used to get a job.

While on the way to becoming a speech language pathologist, the student should prepare to take the GRE.  GRE stands for Graduate Records Examination.  Most graduate schools require this exam to be passed before accepting a student.  Students should purchase a self study guide from any bookstore.  If they choose to study on their own, they can form a study group with other GRE examinees.  Or they can simply pay for a preparation course where study guides may be provided.  Once students have successfully passed the GRE and have been accepted in a speech language pathologist graduate program, they should prepare themselves to study subjects such as psychology and anatomy.  Again, the student should study to receive a high GPA in order to compete for jobs after graduation.

While pursuing the Master's degree, students should contact their state to learn about licensing requirements to become speech language pathologists.  Requirements vary among states.  However, there are some general requirements including nine months of going through a post graduate program.  Going through this program will allow the person who wants to become speech language pathologists to learn more difficult concepts related to the career.  Also, the future speech language pathologist must obtain over 300 hours of clinical practice.  This will provide hands on experience.


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