How To Behave Well at a New Job

Being the new guy at work can be quite intimidating, but remind yourself this – you wanted this job! You applied, did all the qualifying exams and interviews and now you have it in the bag. First impressions absolutely matter in a new working environment. The work place isn’t just a cold place where people go to work. It’s like a thriving ecosystem that uses productivity and interpersonal synergy as an energy source.

Here are the things that you have to do to make sure that you fit in at your new job:

  1. Be on time. Being late for the first day of work will always be viewed as a negative especially if the reason for your tardiness is also attributable to your negligence. Make the effort to wake up early and prepare way before rush hour. This gives you the chance to show your willingness to do the same sacrifices that everybody else does for the company. Make sure you do this because if you can’t deliver on punctuality, they may never give you another chance to prove yourself even if you do the following items on this list.
  2. Most people would be eager to know more about you. Companies have a policy of having people who would help you ease into your position. Welcome those who will be willing to help you and show that you’re interested in knowing more about your job and the company. Use your active listening skills to establish contact.
  3. Try to blend in with the crowd. Once lunch time comes around, try tagging a long for a bite at the cafeteria or a nearby restaurant. People bond over food so make sure that you introduce yourself the right way while at the table.
  4. Be dedicated with what you do. While there may be some people who might not be onboard with your presence in the company, you could sure change their minds by showing them that you’re a worthy addition to the team. You don’t really need to tell them. Actions and results speak much louder than words.
  5. Ask questions that could help you understand your position and your duties and responsibilities better. As long as people can help you, they would probably go the extra mile to help you. Try to be sensitive with the work load of others. Most people wouldn’t want to be pestered with questions.

Being new in the work place is almost like being the new guy in school. It may be a bit awkward at first but if you do the right things, you would be rolling with the rest of the class in no time. The work place is just like the classroom – except that there’s a considerable amount of professionalism and maturity compared to an unruly bunch of toddlers. Follow the instructions above and you should be on your way to a very fulfilling months and even years at work.


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