How To Bill as an SEO Copywriter

Work as a search engine optimization or SEO copywriter can be quite challenging. The environment is very competitive and the deadlines are absolutely critical. One slip and slide in terms of meeting them can mean the difference from getting paid a lot of money or getting paid nothing at all. This means that the allowance for error and delays is absolutely razor thin.

When dealing with clients for SEO jobs, it’s often very volatile. It’s done on a per project basis and you never really get a written agreement to formalize anything you’ve talked about. Things are just taken at face value so there’s no way to make sure that certain payments will be made at the end of the day.

To be safe, try to stick to clients whom you already have a good working relationship with or clients who have been referred to you by friends and close colleagues. It’s rather easy to be duped by people who don’t pay so it’s going to be very frustrating if that were to happen to you. Making sure that you don’t get scammed is the best way to make sure that your efforts don’t go to waste.

Here’s how you bill for SEO copywriting jobs:

  1. Always have an objective rate for a project even before you start on it. If the client has a project in mind, give him your quote and make sure that you agree on the price that you’ll do it for. This is where the trust factor enters the play. You have to take his word for it and hopefully, you’ll get somewhere with a level of certainty.
  2. Clarify the other terms of the agreement such as the extent of the labor (how many search terms and key words need to be included and how many teams each term would have to repeated) as well as the deadline for the project. Having these items clarified early on can facilitate for more efficient exchanges. Try having these exchanges via e-mail or instant messaging services so that you can somehow document the things that have been agree upon.
  3. Once you’ve won the trust of your client, try to ask for an initial deposit. This shouldn’t be hard to do on the client’s part especially if you’ve been dishing out great work consistently.
  4. Have a payment service that could receive funds from the client. Paypal is the service of choice for most writers. You may link your Paypal account to your credit or debit card so your electronic dollars could also be withdrawn to be spent as actual cash! There are other alternatives to Paypal such as Xoom so be ready to explore competing services. Ask the client to know which service he would prefer.

It can be quite a cutthroat game, but if you do your job well, any decent client shouldn’t have any qualms giving you your hard earned cash. SEO copywriting can be tough, but in the end those who strive to provide good quality content will be rewarded handsomely.


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