How To Build a Network in Your Profession or Industry

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At least 3.5 million Americans resign every month, citing job dissatisfaction. Most people hardly find jobs that meet their career goals or expectations. Yet, one has to work to meet the unwavering financial obligations.  

Building a professional network is one of the ways you can advance and have a fulfilling career. But if you’re new in the corporate world, networking might seem untenable. 

Keep reading to know how to build a network to thrive in your career. 

1. Establish Your Objectives 

Before creating a professional network, you need to be clear on your needs. Are you seeking career mentorship, more sales, or job opportunities? Once you know what you want, having a target is plausible.

Your priorities will guide you on whom to seek. It can be a specific group or an individual who has succeeded in your career. If you have clear objectives, getting a useful network is imminent. 

2. Be Up-to-date on Your Field 

In your quest for career networking, you need to be conversant with the trends, best practices, and latest discoveries. Embrace a culture of reading news and newsletters to keep up with the movers and shakers in the industry. Jordan Harbinger podcasts can further impart you with relevant information that will keep you updated. 

Your interactions should focus more on learning. When you are knowledgeable in your industry, you’ll be in a position to have meaningful relationships with other experts within the industry.

3. Attend Conferences and Events

Attending events is one of the ways in which you can build lasting professional networks. You will meet new people and engage in dialogues that can give you great career insights. It would help to research and attend events or career fairs relating to your profession. 

Not unless you’re there to sell, listen more. You will learn a thing from career gurus and other professionals in your field. Focus more on formal conversations to create a good impression from the start. 

4. Be Visible 

LinkedIn has at least 645 million professional users. LinkedIn is one of the social media sites that will increase the effectiveness of your social networking. You can start by responding and connecting with people in your industry or line of interest. 

You might also want to follow professionals in other forums. Commenting on topics that you're well-versed will make you more visible. Besides, you'll gain more knowledge and meet other people who will prove instrumental in your career growth.

5. Join Community Organizations 

While you want to thrive in your career, don't limit yourself. You can join a community group that seems irrelevant to your job but gain significantly. One of the ways you can be part of a community is by being a volunteer.

Volunteering will give you experience and expose your skills to several people. You never know who's watching!

When You Learn How to Build a Network in Your Profession, You’ll Experience Incredible Career Growth

You need other people for you to advance in your career. Whether through mentorship or industry information, professional networks are indispensable. Once you understand how to build a network, actualizing it will give you great opportunities to expand.

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