How To Build Your Acting Resume Before Leaving for Hollywood

Every thespian worth his salt knows that the biggest breaks he can come across when it comes to acting will lie in the showbiz capital of the world, Hollywood. However, an actor planning to move to this glamorous city will want to beef and build up his acting resume before even tinkering with the idea. This being the testimonial of a lot of successful actors and directors, if you are trying to break through the world of TV or film as an actor, then here are some tips on how you can impress the casting people with your extensive experience in the field.

  • Auditioning is an art. A great way to build up your resume in the field of acting is through constant and consistent auditioning efforts. Remember that in order to get the breaks you want, you will need to audition for it. Hollywood may be the place to be if you are an actor since it holds tons more opportunities in the biz than any other city however, you will have to be at your best when it comes to auditioning. This being said, you can increase your chances of getting the part and at the same time, beef up your acting resume by making the effort to audition for virtually any part available. The more auditions you take, the more work you will get which you can later include in your portfolio.
  • Train, train, and train. Becoming a great actor worthy of numerous acting jobs is only possible with constant enhancement of your acting chops. Hence, if you want to keep landing acting gigs regularly, especially in Hollywood, you will want to be the best actor you can be. Join acting workshops, volunteer in the local theatre, practice monologues and lines everyday in front of the mirror. The more you train, the better you will become. And, when the day of the audition comes along, you will impress the casting people with your acting skill instead of your resume.
  • Headshots are a must. Sending in your headshots to various directors, casting people, and talent agencies is the way to go for every actor. Image is everything, so if you plan to do this, which is highly recommended, make sure that the headshots you send out are tastefully done and capture different perspectives of your persona.
  • Get more work. The best way to build up your acting resume is to keep getting work. Yes, volunteering in community theatre and plays is one option however; tapping other avenues such as independent films and film school students can provide you with work that you can eventually include in your resume. In addition, never count out other minute jobs like commercials, hosting gigs, and street performances as well. All these are work that is worthy of your resume.
  • Consider online marketing. Almost everyone is online nowadays. Yes, even casting people and directors have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Most of them surf YouTube daily. On this note, it would be wise of you to use the Internet to your advantage. Upload acting videos of yourself on YouTube and promote them using Facebook and Twitter. Sooner or later, someone may discover your talents and may either represent you or offer you a part.

All these can really build up your acting resume and make you more prepared to enter Hollywood. However, no matter how good your resume is and regardless of how many acting jobs you have done, success will really boil down to your mastery of the craft.


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