How To Bus Tables

Being a bus table or a bar back would probably be one of the last jobs that a person would enter into because of the inherent difficulty of the job. Aside from standing for hours, you should also know how to balance yourself while serving the customers. Not only is risk high for you, it is likewise risky to those you are serving. Nevertheless, this work is indispensable because it is the backbone of the business. Those who bus tables are in the forefront, as they directly cater to the needs of the customers. So for those who are planning to enter a job like this, below are ways on how to bus tables.

  1. Choose the right shoes. Everything starts at choosing the right shoes. In this industry, your shoes will work as your partner. Choose shoes that have good bottoms in order to prevent the risk brought by walking on slippery floors. Remember, slipping away is the last thing you would like to happen especially when you are serving wet foods or drinks. Consider also the comfort the shoes bring you. Choose something that would allow you to walk briskly, as you will need to move fast when working.  
  2. Prioritize speed than volume. Prioritize speed than volume by carrying only those that you can handle safely and manage quickly. This system will help make you work more efficiently, that is, to accomplish more things with the least time. Remember that the lesser you carry the faster you will be able to work. However, note that this does not mean you will carry an item one at a time. Less here means a reasonable number of items you could carry without jeopardizing your speed in delivering the work. You know yourself much better than anyone, so if you think you could carry two trays at a time without slowing down, then so be it.
  3. Separate glassware from the rest of stuff. In carrying items, separate the glassware from the rest. This is to prevent worse scenarios of glassware slipping over other items, which will most likely result in entire items slipping off your tray! Remember these are glass items that would definitely cause a huge disturbance. Separating glassware from the rest would lessen this risk.
  4. Assist those who are busy. In this industry, you would often see tables calling for waiters or servers who are currently assisting other tables. If you see this happen, go and assist that co-waiter by serving the table calling for your co-worker. This is a good way of climbing your way up, as well as getting a good tip from that customer. Just be diligent and you will see, sooner or later, you will have a place in that corporate hierarchy. 

This may be one of the most difficult jobs available out there. But this does not render it unworkable. Remember that this job is the backbone of the business. They are the ones directly engaging with the customers. In other words, they are the company’s face. Whichever way they perform will always be a reflection of the company. Just work hard. This work definitely pays well whether through a good tip or a place in the hierarchy.


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