How To Buy a Welding Jacket

There are many things to consider when buying a welding jacket. Price can be an important consideration. You might also want to know what type of welding is going to be done; i.e. tig, mig, or arc. There are a few different types of jacket that you might consider such as cloth or leather. There are quite a few places to look for the jacket, such as the Internet, local suppliers.

Different welding jobs also require different types of welding gear. It is always a good idea to contemplate what size you need to purchase as some welding jobs require different types of movement which can greatly affect the size you purchase. You can usually purchase a jacket one size larger than what you normally purchase in a t-shirt. Price will increase after XXL. This is standard policy. Many local vendors try to beat the Internet sites prices.

If this jacket is necessary for a welding program sometimes they are offered at reduced prices through a local vendor. The vendor should provide a list of their prices.

After deciding the type of welding that will be done in this jacket decide which type of jacket you will need.

Cloth which is flame retardant is very good for beginners, there are quite a few good producers of cloth jackets out there such as Tillman, Black Stallion, or Anchor.

Leather is always a good choice as they are not worn out as quickly and is harder to burn; some vendors are Black Stallion and Miller.

Contact local suppliers to compare prices. These can be found in your local telephone book or on the Internet.

Enter "welding jackets" into a search engine on the Internet if you specify the type cloth or leather it will make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

There are quite a few sites that sell welding equipment; i.e. Welding Depot, Cyberweld, Tuffrhino, and Lowes to name a few. Here are some additional links:

Sometimes Craigslist, or your local newspaper will have ads selling gently used products, check carefully before buying.

Welding Sleeves are another option many people choose to purchase to save the sleeves of the jacket being used.

After comparing prices from all of the sources it will be easier to make an informed decision.


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