How To Call a Prospective Employer

During a job hunt, it’s possible that you talk to your prospective employer before actually getting to meet each other on an interview. This is a crucial call to make so you must be prepared and be professional at all times.

Here’s how to call a prospective employer.

  • Do it on your personal time. Never make the phone call while you are at your desk at your current job. It’s unprofessional and could be grounds for termination from your current employer. If you make the call while you are at home, do it in a quiet room. Keep the kids away so your call is undisturbed. Have a sitter on hand so you can put all your efforts on making the best impression.
  • Choose an appropriate time. If you have a phone appointment or arrangement with the employer, call on time. If you are making a cold call, avoid calling at peak times, such as right at the start of the day, right before lunch break and before the end of the day. Monday mornings will typically be busy, while Friday afternoons may be more laid back, so your prospective employer may not be inclined to talk to you. Call at a time that you know will be convenient for the employer.
  • Be polite. It doesn’t matter if you are talking to the receptionist or secretary. Show all people you come in contact with the proper respect. You are already being evaluated as soon as you come in contact with the company. Have an appropriate greeting and look for people by their given formal name. Never ask for your potential employer by his first name, unless it’s specified on the ad.
  • Be prepared. It’s a good idea to have a copy of your resume in front of you when making the call. You’ll likely be asked to give a short overview or introduction about yourself. You can rehearse your opening line or introduction so that it sounds confident. Think about what type of impression you’d like to leave with the employer.
  • Be enthusiastic. It’s all about personality. Since you don’t have a face to face yet, the employer can only go by the tone of your voice and how your personality. You must sound pleasing and excited about the position. You must be able to convey confidence. Don’t stutter or start answering questions by going “Uhm, Uhm”. Don’t cough or clear your throat while on the call. Smile while you are talking. It will come across. Forget the sexy voice and be your best polished self. You don’t want to sound overly perky, but sounding natural and happy is a plus with any employer.
  • Be careful. Be mindful about what you say since you never know who else is listening. You could be on speaker phone and not know it. Never complain or talk negatively about your existing employer while on the phone. Save he details when you have a sit down interview. The point of your call is to get the employer interested in you to schedule a face to face. Keep the call short so that the employer is interested and will want to meet you.

Relax and take a deep breath before you pick up the phone. Stay focused and be positive. If all goes well, expect to come in for an interview, or better yet, get hired to a job.


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