How To Choose a Media or Entertainment Industry Internship

If you’re a student of film, media, or any other course in mass communications, one of your requirements is likely to be an internship at a media institution. It’s very important that you take the opportunity to be an intern in the field not just so you would obtain your diploma, but also so you could see for yourself the real deal on the industry that you will soon be working in. Here are some of the ways that you could choose the best media internship for you: 

  • Network. Remember, if there is just one thing you do when you’re looking for an internship (or a job in the future), this is it: network. Networking opens doors for you, in the same way that sheer talent can (and if you have talent plus you network, then good for you!). Networking also works with the principle of learning from other people’s experiences, so you wouldn’t have to waste any of your time. Networking is basically getting to know the right people, so early on, you should make your presence known: join student organizations and maybe work as a student assistant. And remember: every person you get to know increases your chances of getting the perfect internship for you!
  • Ask recommendations from your professors. Your professors, with their years of expertise in the media industry, would be able to point you towards the companies or firms that would give the best and most meaningful training for students. If you did really well in one class, you might want to go back to your professor in that class and ask that he give you a recommendation letter to back up your application to a firm.
  • Look for intern-friendly firms. Working in the media industry, with its fast pace and all its politics, can be tough for any professional. What more the inexperienced intern! Know that some media companies are known to treat interns as nothing more than slaves who are there to make coffee or do other menial tasks. You should aim for firms that would provide you with learning experience that you would use in your professional life later on. You might look into interning at newly-established, local or small media firms that have few employees and would therefore utilize every available hand – including the intern’s – to the fullest. These firms might also offer a friendlier, homier atmosphere than big companies. 
  • Consider the reputation. Of course, you’d also have to factor in the aspect of the firm’s reputability. Apply at companies that you would be proud to be associated with in the future, and which you would prove to be a good addition to your resume.
  • Look for the companies that you would want to work in the future. Remember, when you excel as an intern in a particular firm, you just might be offered a position as a full-time employee once you graduate. With this in mind, it would be a good idea to intern somewhere you wouldn’t mind working in. This should also motivate you to do really well during your internship.

Being successful as an intern is all about remembering that you’re doing it not just as a course requirement, but as a way to learn the ins-and-outs of the profession that you just might have for your life. This should motivate you not just to hunt for the perfect learning opportunity for you, but to do excellently there, too.


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