How To Choose and Hire a Computer Repair Professional

One of the worst things that technology and instant communication have brought us is the easy ability of scam artists to victimize people. No wonder why a lot of people will often choose DIY over hiring professionals like a computer repairman. But you don’t really need to do it the hard way if you are only wise and knowledgeable enough to choose and hire a professional computer repairman.

The tips below will guide you into choosing and hiring the perfect and reliable professional for your computer repair needs:

  • Hire a computer technician with business license. There may be some freelance computer technicians who are honest and reliable enough to be trusted. But would you gamble your precious data and computer equipment with them? Better safe than sorry. Besides, if a technician has a business license, that means he is serious about doing business. He won’t risk his hard work, investment, and reputation just to scam some money from you.
  • Hire a full-time computer technician. A part time technician may be reliable enough. But he can never be as passionate as a full-time computer technician. This one spends his time repairing computers and when not, he spends his time learning about what’s new in software, hardware, virus threats, and security updates. Hobbyists are not that serious about repairing computers because it is only their hobby.
  • Hire a computer technician who gives receipts and written warranties. He should not give you written warranty or receipt only when you ask for it. A professional should give that to you whether you ask for it or not. The written warranty will also be your hard proof of what should be done if anything goes wrong after the repair.
  • Hire a computer repair professional who asks for a reasonable fee. The old saying, “you get what you pay for,” applies to this. Someone will be willing to offer cheap rate for a reason—and that reason is NOT for your benefit. Beginners, unlicensed, a non-knowledgeable “professionals” will often offer dirt cheap rates. But don’t hire someone asking so much. Learn about the standard fees in your area and that is the rightful fee they should ask from you.
  • Hire a computer repairman who has professional contact information. You can’t trust someone with [email protected] or similar email addresses. A professional technician uses a professional-looking email. Preferably, he should have his own domain, which he can use for his own emails. Besides, if the technician can’t do that, then how can you trust him to fix your computer?
  • Hire a repairman with enough experience. Unless you are willing to risk your computer with inexperienced professional, better prefer someone with at least a year of computer repair experience. The more experienced a professional is, the better he is on the job.
  • Hire a computer repairman with certification. A professional who spends time and money to get certified is more reliable than someone who charges everything to experience. But it’s not enough to ask the professional if he is certified. His affirmation can be doubted, so, better ask for a proof. If he can’t show you proofs, then there must be a problem and it’s best to stay away from that professional.
  • Hire someone you feel comfortable working with. Ask the technician some questions and he should be willing to listen and answer your queries politely.

Your computer is monetarily precious and the data in it are priceless. That is why as much as possible, never let anyone touch it. But doing a repair is something not everyone can do. Choosing the perfect computer repairman should get rid of all your worries and the tips above will help you with that.


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