How To Choose Between Different HR Jobs

If you are already working in Human Resources (HR), or if you are considering starting work in the HR field, it is very helpful to know that there are a number of areas within HR that may interest you.  

  • One of the cornerstones of any HR department is its Recruitment Division. Here is where you will find the people responsible for hiring new people for the company, either as replacements for resigned employees or entirely new people due to a company expansion or project. The recruitment team specializes in sourcing new applicants for different positions in the company. Once the candidates have been sourced, the recruitment team also engages in preliminary interviews for all the applicants. Later down the interviewing line, the recruitment team endorses pre-qualified candidates to line managers, who will then meet with these candidates and select those whom they feel would make a positive impact on the business.

    Completing reference checks is also one of the major functions of the recruitment team, as they conduct background checks on the potential employee's character, outstanding legal or financial issues, and getting feedback from people that person has worked with. Working with the recruitment team ensures that you will have a lot of contact with other people. The job will allow you to hone your interviewing and sourcing skills, as well as teach you how to keep track of the company's overall headcount. This, in turn, is related to the company's manpower budget, which you will also have to take note of when hiring large volumes of people.

  • You can also look into organizational development, or the OD team. These people are in charge of reviewing the company's policies and processes with regard to its human capital. The OD team is responsible for all employee training and any further career path development. It is their job to ensure that each of the company's employees is well equipped with the proper training that they will need in order to do their jobs well. The OD team also takes a look at existing policies and processes, constantly streamlining and reinventing processes as required by the company's business needs.
  • You may also consider working with your HR department's Compensation and Benefits team. As the name implies, these people are tasked with all monetary and non-monetary compensation that the company's employees are allowed to receive. These are the people who manage the company's payroll, and they also have a view of the employees' time keeping records, absences, loans made through the company and the disbursement of all cash bonuses and profit sharing. They also work closely with government offices to ensure that the employees are remitting all taxes correctly and on time.

The HR department in your company may have different names for the teams mentioned above. These, however, are only three of the main branches of any company's HR department. Depending on the structure and the size of the company, there may be more areas of HR that you might find interesting, like labor relations. Try and talk to people who are already working in these teams so that you can get an idea of what it would be like to work in that position; if you need additional education to move to another department, you can keep working while picking up the classes you need by enrolling in an online HR degree program.


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