How To Communicate and Work with a Dominant Personality Style

Once or twice or even thrice in our lives we have encountered people who have a dominant personality. These are task oriented individuals, who always have an opinion about almost everything. They love to talk, are demanding and forceful, straightforward and seem not to care about other people’s feelings and points of view.
You could have asked yourself once or twice on how you could deal with this personality type and want to find the best way on how to communicate and work better with them. Here are a few tips on how to do this.

  • Get used to their bluntness. Dominant personality types are blunt, straightforward, demanding, always need to feel in control and are results oriented. If you could accept these facts about your colleague then it would be easier for you to work with them. You should not feel disregarded whenever they talk to you in this manner. You have to understand that this is just the way they are. If there are others who are passive and submissive, you have to accept the fact that there are those who are dominant and straightforward individuals.
  • Be precise and concise about what you want to say to them. Get right to the point when you talk to them. One convenient way to communicate with this personality type is by being direct and straight to the point when you talk to them. Whatever it is that you would like to tell them should simply be said in a clear cut manner. Try to be specific and particular about the things you want to say to them. This complements their personality type, which is why they would understand your point right away.
  • Show interest in what they have to say. Yes, they want to be heard. Listen to them. There is usually a reason why a person talks and is being demanding. The reason could be several possibilities. Perhaps, there is a deadline to meet or there are tasks which should be done. Your listening ear could help you find out on how you could help each other to find solutions for the problems at hand right away and meet the deadlines; and thus, making it beneficial for both of you and your team.
  • Respect each other. Like everyone you know, these individuals, with a dominant personality, need respect. They might seem to be insensitive on certain instances, but they are humans just like us. Be amicable in your relationship with them and they definitely would understand that you want the same.

We live in a very big world. A world filled with different personalities. Day in and day out we interact and deal with these people. To keep the harmony in our society, we have to learn to accept and live in this very diverse society. This diversity contributes to the uniqueness and beauty of the different cultures all over the world. The differences in the personality of each individual contribute greatly to each society and leave marks to an ever changing global community. This is what life is all about.


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