How To Complete a Job Application

When a job becomes available, your job application will be used to determine whether or not you win the job. In this competitive job market, ensure that your job application is as strong as it can be by following these tips.

Step 1

Fill in the basic information. Every job application form will require you to input your name, address, and phone number. As well, you'll need to answer questions about your eligibility to work in the US, discuss any previous felony convictions and provide proof of working paper certificates if necessary. There will be a section on your education (high school and beyond). Your employer will want to know what education or training you have, including when you attained your degree or diploma. Have all of this information available so that you can fill out a job application fully.

Step 2

Make yourself available. Job applications will also include a section asking about when you can work. To get yourself the best possible chance of winning a job, make your availability look great. Be able to start as soon as possible, and don't have large sections of your schedule unavailable for work. (Employers especially like applicants who are willing to work evenings and weekends.)

Step 3

Discuss your past employment. There will also be several boxes for you to include information about your past jobs. List your most recent job first. State your past employer's name, address and phone number. Indicate your supervisor's name, how long you worked for that employer, and why you left. You will also need to write how much you were paid at your previous jobs (be honest!).

Step 4

Include your references. Although your references might be on your résumé, you will also need to include them on your job application. Make sure that you check with people before using their names as references. Get a recent phone number and include your relationship to this reference.  (Were they a past boss? Past colleague? Family friend?) Three references are required, and not all of them need to be professional or employment-related references.

Step 5

Attach your résumé. Along with your job application, you should also include your résumé. Make sure that it is neatly typed and error- free.

Step 6

Complete the application properly. Your chances of snagging a job will increase if your application looks great. So be sure to write neatly (or print if you choose). Don't scribble out errors or leave blanks. Complete everything that is asked of you, filling in all details. If you can, bring the application home to complete to give it more time and attention. Have someone help you by checking for spelling and grammatical errors on your job application. Proofreading takes a small amount of time but it makes a big difference. Sign your completed application neatly and return it promptly to the employer. If you've filled out your job application well, you have improved your chances of getting a job.


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