How To Compose Sample Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is an honest and factual account about a person’s intellect, skills and ethics. It talks about the capability of a person to meet the standards of a job. It also talks about the admirable traits of the person seeking a job. A well-written letter of recommendation must be sincere yet professional. You must be careful not to sing exaggerated praises because you are putting your name on the line. You must be sure that the person who asked for the letter of recommendation can truly live up to what you said. If the person fails to follow through with the praises that you gave, your credibility will suffer. It is not hard to compose sample letters of recommendation. You just have to know how to do it systematically.

Here are some of the steps that you have to take if you want to sample letters of recommendation:

  • Know the demands. The first thing that you have to do is to know the purpose of the letter that you will write. Find out how the person will use it as a personal reference. Find out if it is for a school or job application. Make sure that you personally witnessed your requestor’s performance. This will help you keep track of what you will write. It will prevent you from adding irrelevant facts about the application.
  • Know who is on the line. Make it a point to verify the addressee of the letter that you will write. Ask for a background of the company and the position of the person who must receive the recommendation. Make sure that you have the proper spelling of his name. Find out if he has titles that you need to include.
  • Say your name. Make it a point to introduce yourself. Make sure that you do it politely. State the name of your company. Include the position you hold in the company. Make sure that you will command respect from the person who will read your letter.
  • Sate your intent. Make your intentions known to the reader of the letter. Tell him about your intent to recommend the person who is in question. Make sure not to show any hint of hesitation in your letter. Make it a point to write your letter in a very straightforward way. Make sure that the person can feel how strongly you are recommending the subject of the letter. Always remember to include the personal attributes of the person who seeks for recommendation. The facts that you place must be true. Write a personal account where you witnessed how the applicant displayed a trait that earned your respect. Offer your contact details so that the reader can easily talk to you about the qualifications of the applicant. Make sure not to be too chatty in your letter. Your letter must have authority.
  • End it nicely. End your letter politely. Make it a point to give an offer to discuss the subject of the letter.

The way you write your letter can change the life of the person who needs recommendation. If you use these steps as a guide, you can make sure that he can get the job that he desires.


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