How To Confront Your Boss

Problems at work happen. There are times when you work with a stubborn officemate, but even worse is getting assigned to a difficult boss. You may meet a boss who constantly criticizes your work. In some cases, your boss treats you unfairly in terms of job assignments. Worst yet, your boss may be harassing you. In any of these cases, handling the situation is not easy. However, there may be a few tips to help you confront your boss when faced with such problems.

Identify the problem. What are your issues? What seems to be the problem? Making the sure that there is something happening will help you focus on the situation.

Analyze the issue. What is really going on? If you feel that something is wrong with your boss and your work relationship, try to figure out what is happening. Sometimes, it may happen that you are only being too paranoid about things and then you mistakenly blame your boss for things that are not going well.

Weigh the pros and cons. If you determine that the problem is really with your boss, make a list of the possible consequences. Making a list of possible outcomes will help you decide on the best course of action. This list will also help you figure out if the confrontation will be worth it.

Keep a journal of incidents. It is best to keep a list of incidents that show or illustrate the issues you have with your boss. This list will greatly help you show a concrete picture of the problem when you confront your boss. 

Act professionally at all times. Even if you already feel bad about working with a difficult boss, make sure that you still act professional. Do not compromise your behavior or productivity just because you dislike your boss. This will also ensure that your boss will not have anything to say against you.

Consult colleagues. It is good to consult your colleagues about the issues you have. Talking to someone else will make things clearer in your head. However, be very careful in choosing whom to talk to, things may get worse if you talk to someone who will stab you behind your back.

Remain courteous. Being polite is always key. Confrontation is hard enough for you and your boss, so choose your words carefully. 

Keep your calm. Keep your emotions in control. More often that not, one will get angry or frustrated when talking about issues. Getting mad will be disastrous because nothing good will come out of your talk. 

Be ready for consequences. Whatever happens after the confrontation is out of your control. Sometimes a bad boss will become a worse boss, thus making your life even more difficult. Some other times, good things will happen, thus improving the work relationship you have with your boss. No one can determine the outcome, so it is best to be ready.

Those are tips to follow when confronting a boss. It may be hard to do but it is not impossible. Being a boss does not give anyone the authority to be mean or difficult. 


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