How To Create a Jeopardy Game for the Workplace

Jeopardy is one of the most popular game shows of all time. For over twenty-five years, millions of friends and families all over the world have tuned in to test their knowledge of trivia and general information against the three contestants-and sometimes, against each other. The show has definitely captured the imagination of many game show aficionados in the same way that other shows like The Price Is Right and Family Feud has in American culture.

Creating a Jeopardy Game for your workplace or office should be a great way to liven up any program or party. The most important thing to settle before anything else is to form the teams that will be responsible for the execution of the project. The teams could be divided into the following teams-the research team, a logistics (or physical arrangements) team and team that would be responsible for the visual display.

The research team would be the most critical component of the game. They will be ones task to research questions for the office game. If you are to follow the format of the show, you would need thirty questions for the first round and thirty for the double jeopardy round. The questions should be equally divided into six categories per round. Since the gameshow is somehow customized to work under the office environment, it would help if some of the categories would pay homage to an officemate: a boss, perhaps, or something about the company, the home city or state.

If you don't want to research through tons and tons of books, you would be better off looking online for questions that were used on the show itself. The show has been keen on keeping things interesting by not limiting the questions on general information. From time to time, they've been adding twists such as anagrams, homonyms and even before and after questions. They have also had categories that just go like "O" or "HaJohn" to give a hint that the answer would have to start with the letter "O" or contain the name "John," respectively.

The visuals team is then tasked to make the presentation. After getting the questions and double checking the accuracy of the answers, it will be time to set up the multimedia display for the show itself. You may download templates online or simply make one yourself. Usually, you would have to use a slideshow presentation program like Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple's Keynote. These programs have become so user friendly in recent years so you don't have to go hurrying to get PowerPoint lessons for this one. Download the necessary sounds and other effects to make the show more realistic.

The logistics team will be responsible for producing the tables, buzzers and timers for the event. They should also do the necessary promotion of your own version of Jeopardy. Having some buzz on the lead up to the office party would make it easier to find willing contestants. While the prizes may be quite a come on for most people, being watched as one gets answers wrong may not always be a welcome prospect, especially to those who are shy.

Jeopardy has made friends and family enjoy early evenings for years.  It will surely help in making your office co-workers be more comfortable with each other as a great icebreaker and a great party activity.


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