How To Create a Personality Survey

You come across personality surveys almost every day in magazines, newspapers, and on the internet. Personality surveys can be fun and informative, and you can create your own to distribute to friends or other people in a community or post them on the internet. Here are a few tips to on how to make your own personality survey.            

1. Personality surveys

Personality surveys often tell you or other people about who you are as a person. Depending on the survey’s objective, the personality questionnaire will contain questions that will pull information about your traits, habits, ideals and principles.

These surveys can be fun for personal use when you want to find out more about yourself. The questions will often make you think about certain things that you’ve never actually thought seriously about. These personality surveys can also be shared among friends or with other people to give them a general idea about who you are.
2. Objective of the survey

First decide on what you want to gain from the personality survey. The results must be able to address the goals and objectives of the survey. You have to target the right group of people to distribute the questionnaires to, so if your objective is to find out the level of happiness of married couples, then you have to target married couples. If your company wants to make improvements on a product, then you have to target particular types of consumers. The personality survey can give you a better idea on how consumers pick certain products and why they prefer one brand over the other.

3. Creating Questions for the survey

The questions you put on the personality survey must address the objectives you want to meet. You can start out by creating questions that participants will find easy to answer. The idea is to keep the participants interested and to take the survey honestly. The personality survey should be simple and short. Potential respondents may not want to answer a personality survey that has 40 questions. So make sure to pick questions that will reveal a lot of information without having to ask a lot. Your survey can be answered through multiple choice or text, although the multiple choice option would be easier to tally. You can provide check boxes below questions so respondents can just put a check beside their answer.

You can answer your own personality survey or have one of your friends take it so you can test it before distributing them to the target respondents. Make sure the respondents know where to return the questionnaire so you can get them back.  It is important that personality surveys are answered honestly so you can get meaningful results.


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