How To Create a Positive Relationship with Employees

The effect of the employer-employee relationship on the success of a company can never be underestimated. When employers are not satisfied with their workers’ performance, they become disappointed. On the other hand when employees are not pleased with the treatment they get from their bosses, they feel disgruntled. Unsatisfactory relationships between the management and the workforce often result to unrest that can possibly lead to labor disputes.

If you are the employer, it is important that you build a good relationship with your employees. Here are tips on how to create this pleasant association with them:

  • Open your communication lines. Encourage your employees to talk and air their thoughts and grievances if any. Orient them about company policies before hiring their services. Give them a clear view on what you expect from them as well as what they can expect from the management.
  • Emphasize work ethics all the time. Post reminders on the bulletin to keep them updated about work schedules, change in shifts and other developments to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • Hold a meeting regularly – either on weekly or monthly basis. In the meeting agenda, include an open forum in which both the employee and management groups can discuss work related issues. Make them feel they are important by consulting their opinion or asking their suggestions about certain company matters. Take note however that though you should take every opinion well from the employees, the final say lies on you. Hence make sure you make the right decisions without jeopardizing any of the employee’s rights.
  • Never practice favoritism. Show your employees that you are fair to everyone. If you want to commend someone because of his exemplary performance, do it through a memorandum directly addressed to him. On the other hand, if you have to announce a commendation or promotion of an employee to the whole staff, encourage the others that anyone can attain such feat if they do well in their jobs.
  • Promote an employee on the basis of merits, succession or seniority, depending on the promotion policies of the company. In any case, do not veer away from said policies. Should there be instances when you cannot avoid such exceptions, they should be well justified.
  • Encourage respect and concern among your employees and practice these virtues as well. Treat every worker not only in a humane way, but with honor and esteem. If you need to reprimand an erring employee, do it privately. Do not embarrass them in front of their fellow employees, as this will only sow resentment and anger in them.
  • Be professional in dealing with the employees. Some of them may be your personal friends, however make it clear at the onset that they are in your company to work. During business hours, dwell only on business talks so the other employees will not feel insecure or will not start thinking that you are favoring some people from their ranks.
  • Know your employees’ family background. Understand their personal problems. Be compassionate and show empathy to them when the situation calls for it.

Creating a positive relationship with employees is one way of promoting a pleasant work atmosphere in your office. However you have to set some limits. Being too familiar with your workers is not advisable, for as it is often said – “familiarity breeds contempt”.


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