How To Create a Professional Profile for Yourself

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Making a great first impression is key to grabbing someone’s interest.  To sell yourself, you must make yourself hard to forget.  Unfortunately, this is a skill that is difficult to learn without the aid of an outside influence.  Even if you have been through several successful job applications, it doesn’t mean that you have sold yourself exceptionally.  Professional profile writing has so many guidelines to keep in mind that you sometimes end up with nothing to write.  So, let us make a simple yet meaty guideline for beginners. 

A professional profile has to be honest.  Of all the qualities of a profile, this has to come first so that everything else will fall into place naturally.  Observe yourself in a lie.  You will feel how difficult it is to make an interesting conversation when you begin with a lie.  You would have to think of all the things that would come out of your mouth, and in a world where lies are common items of daily living, people have grown a sixth sense which can detect lies.  So, start with the truth regardless of the type of your profile you are making, whether you are writing an information profile, work profile or sales profile. 

Many say that professional resume writing involves a lot of creativity.  Yes, it does involve a lot of it, because it is how you bring attention to yourself.  It won’t matter if you insert very attractive language into your profile if they are not even placed in clever ways.

Now, if you are beginning to make your statements, please be wary of your content.  Place yourself in the reader’s shoes.  She is someone who has no clue of who you are.  So, give her what she wants.  Be straightforward with your sentences and arrange them properly to create a smooth transition from one sentence to the other.  But do not overdo it, to the point that your presentation of yourself becomes blunt.  Leave the less important questions out for the interview. Even if you have given her what she wants, remember also to give only those facts that you want her to see.  Not all information about you looks great, but it doesn’t mean you have to lie.  Just eliminate that information from your template so you won’t have to lie about it or talk about it. 

Your profile should be complete with the necessary information.  Does it tell your story about how you got your current position? This needs to be told, because people will need to see how deserving you are of your status.  For the reader, it would be like validating your credibility.  It might seem like a shallow and unprofessional evaluation, but this is how people come up with impressions.  Even though some will be inaccurate, some will also be at least close to accurate, which at times is all that is necessary. 

With all of these pointers being said, keep in mind that honesty comes first.  Creativity and content building will follow naturally if your intention is to write about the truth.


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